Orphan Black season 5: Episode 3, SPOILER haunted by her past, our critic

Cinema 26 June, 2017

Last night, episode 3 of season 5 of Orphan Black was broadcast on BBC America. So it’s time to discover our review of “Beneath Her Heart” and the promotional video of episode 4!

Last week, in episode 2 of season 5 of Orphan Black, MK sacrificed himself. This tragic death was quite traumatic. Was episode 3 so shocking and emotional? What happened this week in “Beneath Her Heart” ? In these first two episodes, Sarah, Cosima, Rachel and MK had received all the attention, but Alison had been set aside, making himself very discreet. Yesterday evening, the opposite happened. Alison was at the heart of “Beneath Her Heart” , with a mix of flashbacks and dilemmas she is currently facing . We realized that her past was still haunting her.
This episode included many flashbacks, bringing us back to the first season of the show with Alison and her BFF, Aynsley who died. In the past, we find the two couples when everything went well, trying hallucinogenic mushrooms and offering us a moment of respite and humor. We learn that Beth contacted her at the same time. In the present, it is discovered that Alison always feels the presence of Aynsley, especially when she saw Chad, her husband. From then on, she began to crack and called the dealer of the school to take alcohol and pills. It has also been seen that since she discovered the existence of the clones, she has always questioned her life. Why is she the housewife? Why does she have that face? In addition, Rachel was targeted . She did everything to make him crack and know where Helena was. She sent Engers and Art who detected the redone cement in her garage. Stuck, Alison had no choice but to confront Rachel …
Alison showed incredible courage and loyalty to her sisters . If it is usually Sarah or the other sestras who confront Rachel, without success, in episode 3 of season 5 of Orphan Black , Alison won a battle and imposed itself against her rival. She brought him the head of Leekie announcing that it was an accident. Rachel forced her to give her the location of Helena for Art and the agent of Neolution to leave from her but Alison managed a masterful bluff. She threatened to spotlight Neolution if the police knocked on her door and it could be said that it worked wonders. Rachel s’ Is slanted in front of his clone and Alison is therefore victorious (finally) against his rival. When she returned home to find Donnie, Alison decided to take a step back and leave some time to see more clearly. What will Sarah’s sister do? Where will she go?
“Beneath Her Heart” was really successful, highlighting a key character of the Clone Club. Alison has always been helpful but often sidelined from her sisters. She preferred to have a semblance of normal life in her chic suburbs while her sisters gave themselves bodies and souls in their struggle against Neolution. It is a beautiful tribute to this character because we know it is the ultimate season of the show. Nostalgia was present as well as emotion and we witnessed the strength of Miss Hendrix. In addition, there was no lack of humor and Donnie’s stage scene was remembered after drinking Alison’s mixture (medication + alcohol). What’s in Episode 4? “Let the Children and Childbearers Toil” Looks just intense with a touch of humor. The video promo reveals that Felix’s sister will be back and it seems that Rachel has had an experience on Kira. Moreover, Cosima will make a shocking discovery. What is it ? To find out, go next week but in the meantime, check out the spoilers of the week! What did you think of the episode?