Reign season 4: Episode 13, what will happen?

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Find out what’s in store for Episode 13 of Reign’s Season 4, which will air on May 19th on the US channel The CW.
At the end of Episode 12 of Reign’s Season 4 , Darnley met John Knox, who wanted to ally with him to dethrone Mary. And in the next episode of the CW series , it will be discovered that Darnley has accepted this alliance and is ready to do anything for Mary to lose her crown. The plan put in place by Darnley and John Knox will cause the death of a close friend of Mary, and if the series follows history, we already have a little idea of ​​who it can be … How Mary will live this rebellion ? What will she be prepared to do to avenge her friend’s death and end Darnley? In any case, in the promo video of “Coup de Grace” , which you can see below, we can see that Mary will remain loyal to her country, Despite Bothwell’s warnings and his advice. Moreover, it may well be that the life of the Queen herself is in danger.
Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth will approach her future husband and the least we can say is that the latter is very ambitious. Elizabeth will be forced to banish Gideon from the country, at the request of this famous future husband, and one wonders how the separation will unfold between the two lovers . If we believe the images, Gideon will go to the court of France, where Charles will again oppose his brother Henri. The latter seems to fall in love with Nicole and will seek to protect her. Besides, Catherine and Narcisse may well come together again. You will understand, he will do without things in the aftermath of Season 4 of Reign , which is scheduled to end on Friday, June 16th. What do you think ?