Arrow season 5: Episode 10, SPOILER arrives and upsets the Team, our critic!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

While Arrow 10’s Season 5 episode aired last night on the CW, let’s get back to the main events that have paced “Who are You?”
More disillusionment! And yes the meltynauts, while we ended up believing that the beautiful Laurel Lance had come back from the dead, our hopes were officially wiped out in an episode as strong and impressive as the final mid-season was. Arrow finds colors and plays skillfully – and a bit cruelly – with our nerves to offer us a max of surprises and upheavals. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the promotional video of episode 11 of season 5 of Arrow , back in detail on the main events that occurred in “Who are you” aired last night the CW . And the least that can be said is that Black Siren deserves an Oscar as her acting act almost convinced us even as the trailer unveiled recently confirmed that our Laurel to us was indeed dead. So obviously, some details were working but it is clear that to see the face of Katie Cassidy was a real pleasure. I must say it seemed more fun in the skin of the badass Black Siren and it was a pleasure to see . However, difficult not to have trouble for our hero who was once again mauled by Prometheus. No doubt this villain has a tenacious grudge against Oliver and is ready to do anything to make him die. Fortunately, Felicity, made much more fierce by the murder of Billy, set out to set the record straight and did his best to make Oliver listen to reason more overwhelmed than ever.
Still in guilt mode, the arrival of Black Siren pushed him in his way and he was ready to bet his life and those of others on the possibility that the Laurel of Earth-2 could become as nice as the one we had always known. In spite of everything, one can not deny how the young woman revolutionized intrigues. Good news as this early season seemed soft . A little more daring and intensity immediately made the difference and it is clear that “Who are you ?” Was in line with the final mid-season which was also fantastic. Fans of the Olicity can also rejoice since the complicity has returned between the two former lovers. If the pretty blonde will undoubtedly take time to mourn her relationship with Billy, this episode offered us new sparks between them. For his part, Diggle had his own problems to manage since his murder had been entirely programmed by General Walker who intended to use a transfer to have it murdered. Fortunately, Oliver had already foreseen that such a thing could happen and had therefore asked Adrian Chase for help. And while the latter only inspired us with moderate confidence, he managed the situation as a leader.
Meanwhile, Rene and Curtis shared tasty scenes. It is nice to see our Wild Dog able to land in order to support a friend. Especially since Curtis was really going through a difficult pass and we can understand. After being tortured in a thousand possible ways, he also lost his Paul. But nothing can take away his genius and it is with brilliance that he will build the weapon capable of arresting Black Siren. Finally, the final scene gave us the glimpse of the new Black Canary and as much to warn you right away: it sends very heavy. In short, “Who are you?” Was simply pleasing. Besides the presence of Katie Cassidy, the intrigues were well conducted and well-tied. Arrow seems to have learned the lessons from mistakes and put on action rather than hollow and storylines supposed fill spaces . We love ! One thing is certain, we really hope that Black Siren is there for a while as his presence brings a not insignificant grain of insanity. Will she succeed in escaping from her prison? Are we going to learn more about the identity of Prometheus? We’re going to have to wait until we get it. Until next week, discover the synopsis of episode 12 of season 5 of Arrow on melty. What did you think of this episode?