These movies where you want to shake an illogical character who makes crap

Cinema 24 February, 2017

Like a friend you like and you see a bad decision, despite common sense. You shout: “No, but are you serious?”
It must have happened to you already. You look at the scene, you do not understand why the character does this, it makes you crazy . You want to tart, make him aware of his dumpling, limit you insult him. But it’s true, brothel, why does he do that?
A day in hell
In the previous opus, Crystal Trap, the story ended badly for Hans Gruber. This thief and big tart had seen his plans thwarted by an unknown cop, John McLane. And there, his brother Simon finds nothing better than to call and involve him? He said to himself, “I want to gallerate with a snake who has already force-fed my brother” … There is a moment, we must know what we want. When you first want to succeed in your plan and steal gold, you concentrate on it. To hell with pride and vengeance.
How to complicate the work of his team and jeopardize a mission of egg? Practical tip: Include someone who does not share your plan at all, lie to him, and run the risk of being expedited . That’s exactly what Burke does with Ripley. He hopes to bring back a living alien, she only wants to exterminate them. And naturally, he will get them to join him, hiding his real plan.
You know it’s a bullshit, you should not, but you do it anyway. Will know why … The madness to think that it can take another turn, the desire to believe, the desire to have desire … But a big bullshit anyway. Like Cobb who lets Mall listen to his own thoughts and perceptions, while he knows perfectly that this is the devil of his dreams . And she’s gonna blow everything up in the air. It was enough to cover her ears so that she heard nothing and could do nothing. But no, it would be too simple! Then it’s gift, and obviously after it fuck the shit by bumping Robert Fischer.
Spiderman 3
Either he is con to race, or he loves evil and manipulates people. Who ? The butler Bernard, who works for Harry Osborne. The guy knows from the beginning that Harry’s father did not die because of Spiderman but leaves him nevertheless his employer thirsty for revenge , looking for sticks to Peter Parker / Spiderman, beating and being disfigured, before Let go of the info at the end … “Your father died because of his own glider, no Spiderman” . Kind, “ah yes, by the way, I know stuff eh, and that might interest you.” Bastard, you could not tell before?
Iron Man
Pepper is worried about Obadiah Stane’s embezzlement, she has captured his dubious business and says he will eventually taint Tony Stark’s reputation sooner or later. Let us admit. Except that to be really quiet, friend Tony could also avoid walking in 4m suits and smashing everything in downtown Los Angeles. Play it low profile. But hey, I say that …
There’s a time for everything. To eat, to sleep, to think, to act, to argue … And then, when Agent Smith tracks Trinity and Neo relentlessly, do not argue. No, I’m sorry, you do not have time to cut the fat . It’s simple, you have to pick up the phone that rings in the cabin to disappear and save yourself. And Trinity, she decides to embark on a laborious monologue, full of hesitations, silences … all that to say nothing finally and risk their lives. They’re okay. But never again. You will make confidences and statements later, thank you. What other examples do you have in mind?