The Walking Dead season 7: Christian Serratos “Rosita could very easily put himself in danger of death”

Cinema 6 March, 2017

This weekend melty was at the Walker Stalker Con in London and we had the pleasure of chatting with the talented
Christian Serratos who told us about the future of Rosita in season 7 of The Walking Dead! Watch out for spoilers.
In addition to our critic of Season 7 episode 12 of The Walking Dead , melty continues to bring you surprises with now the exclusive comments of Christian Serratos, aka Rosita Espinosa! The actress was present at the famous Walker Stalker Con in London on March 4th and 5th and we had the chance to meet her so that she tease us a little the suite for Rosita . It must be said that season 7 of The Walking Dead is particularly interesting for Rosita who recently lost Abraham twice – first to Sasha, then to Negan. Let’s see what Christian Serratos has to say about his character in this season. Watch out for the spoilers on the US comics in the sequel!
How will Rosita react when she finds out that Eugene “is Negan” since arriving at the Sanctuary?
Christian Serratos : Eugene will always surprise Rosita. He disappointed her a lot in the past but they form a family. Some time ago, Eugene betrayed Abraham and Rosita with a huge lie and she forgave him. So I think it will be interesting to see where it’s going to lead this time, and if they’ll have the opportunity to confront each other to see how Rosita will react. It could have a quite different reaction, or the same as the last time and forgive it again.
Why does Rosita want revenge on Negan alone?
Christian Serratos : I do not think she wants revenge on her own. I think she sees just that as her only option. She thinks that she is the only one who is really active and wants to try to avenge her lost family members. For her, all others react completely inappropriately. She is rampant and angry and motivated and I think it’s important to see that side in her home. That’s what’s interesting in The Walking Dead too, we have a lot of very different characters and they all have their own particular way of reacting. Rosita could not have had the same reaction as Maggie or Aaron or Daryl. It is his very personal reaction to a traumatic event.
Could she do something stupid that would put her or her group in danger?
Christian Serratos : Sure, it’s always a possibility with this group. Rosita acts in a way that could definitely cause her to be killed, or put someone else in danger. But that’s what makes us come back every week too. Will the characters die or will they survive? Is Rosita going to be totally destructive or will she end up being a heroine? That’s what we want to see.
How would you like Rosita to die?
Christian Serratos : As you know it is already dead in the comics. I find it really good that the series respects them as much while continuing to surprise the fans. If my death was different in the series than in comics, I think it would be for the better and it would be huge. But I would like us to remain in simplicity and, ideally, I would like her to die in the same way as in the comics.
Clear answers which tease a little the continuation without revealing too much. Christian Serratos explained in spite of episode 12 that Rosita would still have a certain reluctance to work with Sasha since she also lost Abraham because of her . But tensions could be set aside because survival is above all. The actress also added that Rosita’s reaction to these deaths told us a lot about her past, about who she is and how she handles things. Even though we do not know much about her, Rosita continues to unveil. In any case it always gives us more desire to know his character and while waiting for the next episode, Is asked if the season finale season 7 of The Walking Dead would still be a cliffhanger ! What do you think of Christian Serratos?