Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell put their lives in danger for a photo!

Entertainment 1 June, 2017

To take a simple picture, Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, put their lives in jeopardy. The couple was very imprudent on this move …
Last week, Kristen Stewart caused a sensation in the south of France. Yes, the former actress of the Twilight saga has trampled the red carpet of the Cannes festival. Whether it is her presence in several films or her contracts with the haute couture house, Chanel , Kristen Stewart seems to have become the new queen of Hollywood . Nothing seems to stop the ascent of the star. What’s more, on the emotional side, everything seems to be perfect for KStew . If she appeared to the arms of several personalities in a short time last year, Kristen Sewart would finally found shoes at her foot. In love with Stella Maxwell, she tries to reconcile her sentimental life with her professional obligations.
All that for this ! As we know, there is a whole staging behind the Instagram photos . Sometimes, celebrities are ready to do anything to seize the moment, even putting their lives at risk. This was the case for Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell recently. While they were in a running car, the manikin came out of the window with her drink and landed, half on the roof of the car. As you can see with these photos, which you can discover HERE and HERE , Kristen Stewart, hastened to do the same and wanted to take his girlfriend in picture. This imprudence could have had serious consequences. And even though Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, who have recently set a new course together.