The Walking Dead season 8: Will Tara be present? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Speculation about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead continues and it is now Tara’s interest and survival in season 7.
It almost goes around and after Eugene and his presence in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , is now Tara Chambler discussed. Played by Alanna Masterson, the young Tara first made her debut with the Governor before joining the group of Rick, Glenn, Maggie and others. After her little adventure with Oceanside’s residents in season 7 thanks to an episode entirely focused on her, we wonder about what will happen next and especially about her survival at the end of this season. As usual, we will use US comics and spoilers to find out what is going to happen to him. According to the website The Spoiling Dead fans whose information is almost always reliable, Tara should be part of almost every episode later in the season to share episodes 11, 13 and 14 . That would mean that unless something happens to him in the final season, it should be in season 8.
Although Tara is not one of the comics, some fans have tried to bring her fate closer to the fate of another comics woman by creating a rather interesting parallel. Many attribute the plot of Holly, a comic character who comes out with Abraham before he gets killed, to that of Sasha in the series. Yet Tara could also inherit. Indeed in the comic book Abraham is killed with an arrow in the eye, the fate that was reserved to Denise in the series. One might think that as Denise’s girlfriend, Tara is going to do what Holly did in the comic book: sacrifice himself during an assault of the Sanctuary to allow Rick and his people to attack Negan and the Saviors . According to this rather pushy but interesting theory and assuming that the final season of season 7 will mark the first confrontation between Rick and Negan, Tara could leave her skin there.
On the other hand, the absence of the young woman in comics makes her destiny more unpredictable than that of the majority of other characters, like Daryl Dixon. Since it was created by the writers, Tara represents a significant element of surprise which she could die at any time or even survive many years alongside Rick, Maggie and others . Remains that his status is a little less privileged than that of Daryl, which is, to a certain extent, protected by its popularity. In short, we know that Tara will be present until the final season without being certain that nothing will happen to him in this famous episode that could prevent him from returning alive in season 8. But we still have several months before us to speculate on his fate and until February 12, it was finally given you the answer on the person spying Rick Aaron and Alexandria in season 7 of the Walking Dead . And you, do you think Tara will be in season 8?