The Flash, Empire, Arrow, Westworld … Which series are in danger?

Cinema 21 June, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is just beginning and yet some shows take the lead while others are lagging behind. From The Flash to Arrow through Westworld, which series are at risk?
The 2017 World Cup was launched on Monday! On this third day of competition, the tournament becomes more and more intense and difficult for the 32 series that are defying. They are 8 groups composed of 4 series each which clash. While we are in the middle of the week, it is time to make a small recap of the estimates. Already the series stand out while taking the lead while others are in great danger. However, do not forget that nothing is lost because everything can still switch thanks to your votes . In some groups, everything is played in a pocket handkerchief . While the Werewolves of Teen Wolf or the surgeons of Gray’s Anatomy leave with a head start , Is it for shows such as The Flash, Empire, Arrow and Westworld ? Melty’s editor is back on the shows in danger in this 2017 World Cup pool phase.
Groups 1 and 2
In the first two groups, there are champions such as Gray’s Anatomy , Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars . The two teen shows count on putting the package for their very last participation in the Series World Cup. Faced with these serious challengers, other shows have a hard time keeping up. Arrow is losing ground, as does Prison Break in the first group. In the second, it is Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD who start to let go. The Green Archer, Michael Scofield, Power Man or the Phil Coulson organization need you!
Groups 3 and 4
In Group 3, The Vampire Diaries gives everything for his ultimate participation in the World Series Cup and so shades at The Flash and How to Get Away with Murder that fail to make the weight. In group 4, it was well known that The Originals, Jane The Virgin and Scandal should redouble their efforts against the giant The Walking Dead . If the Mikaelson still hold on, Jane The Virgin and Scandal find themselves on the edge of the abyss. The fastest man in the world, the Keating 4, Jane Villanueva and Olivia Pope hope that you will give them a little help.
Groups 5 and 6
With Westworld, Once Upon A Time, The Big Bang Theory and Legends of Tomorrow, groups 5 and 6 of the 2017 World Cup will be performing as diverse as they are dreadful. Emma Swan manages to get out of the game and threatens the Lyon and Lucifer who can not stand up to the Sauveuse. If Westworld seemed to leave with an advantage in Group 6, it comes up against The Big Bang Theory and Legends of Tomorrow . As for The OA , the series is losing foot. The Lyons, Dolores and the other hosts, Prairie Johnson and even the devil have more need than ever of your votes.
Groups 7 and 8
In Group 7, the duel between Riverdale and The 100 is very tight, while for his first participation 13 Reasons Why flies into the group 8. Quantico, Supernatural but also Shadowhunters and Reign are thus seriously in danger. There is still a chance of winning to Alex Parrish, the Winchester brothers, Clary Fray and Mary Stuart . You just have to mobilize for these heroes who are ready to give everything to join the eighth finals. So, to your votes! So the meltynauts, what series do you support?