The 100 Season 4: Who is Ilan, the Grounder who could blame Clarke and Bellamy? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Less than a month before the release of Season 4 of The 100, a small return on a new mysterious character that could pose a danger for Clarke and Bellamy.

While we are still waiting to know if The 100 will be renewed or canceled after season 4 , we propose today to learn still more about the result and we reserve the next episodes. In addition to a new nuclear apocalypse, one can expect to meet new characters, one of which has aroused our curiosity. This is a Grounder named Ilan, and played by Chai Romruen. Although we do not know much about it, at least we know it will not be part of Clarke’s allies, Bellamy and others in this new struggle to survive . Indeed Jason Rothenberg has a little tease the reactions of various characters face a death foretold, and though some take the opportunity to bite your teeth life, others just try to find someone to put the blame. And who better than Clarke, whom everyone blames for anything and everything since the beginning of the series?
For if some survivors will resent it for having destroyed the City of Lights and the saving ignorance that accompanied it and provoked a new nuclear catastrophe, others like Ilan will blatantly blame him for all the evils due to the new technologies that are Arrived on Earth. According to Jason Rothenberg, Ilan was forced to do horrible things when he was under the influence of ALIE and he intends to ensure that this never happens again. That means that the Sky People and technology they brought with them down on Earth are far from welcome and that the clan wars have not ended . Could Ilan directly blame the one that everyone recognizes as the leader of the Sky People? Clarke, and by extension probably Bellamy, are they in danger because of this rancunier Grounder and others who think the same as him? We’ll know soon … Meanwhile, discover all the details of the first three episodes of season 4 of The 100 on melty. What do you think ?