Without illicit products, how are these ideas of films born serious?

Cinema 30 March, 2017

As they say: “think out of the box”. You surprised me, well “out” there, nobody would have thought. And there was probably a reason, to tell the truth.
Being free, creative is good. Too much is dangerous. It is like everything, in excess, it loses all its usefulness and the misdeeds replace by the benefits. And who is it that suffers the consequences? Bibi (well, we, but will know how we say bibi in the first person plural). Appearance: movies based on wtf ideas.
The attack of the killer tomatoes
Mutated tomatoes decide to conquer the Earth. To eradicate humanity. They attack everything: swimmers in the sea, drivers on the road, pedestrians in the street … Kind of parody reference to the films of series B, we know at least that the guys did not take themselves seriously. And fortunately !
If I tell you there’s Adam Sandler in it, you start guessing the genre of the movie? A fucking guy, who always hangs around with his friends, and something interesting happens to them. This is alright Aliens who discover videos of old arcade games, which Sam and his bros played in the 80s . Vexed, they take it for a provocation, a declaration of war itself. Then the Aliens attack the Earth! So, motivation, Sam & co, whose Cooper who became president (yes yes, of the United States), will still save the planet. This time in real life! Against Pac-Man, Donkey Kong …
Nothing goes to LA A hurricane very bad scales sharks on the city, and it is the box . No way to walk quietly, there are attacks in all directions. End, surfer with the big heart, decides to brave the risks to go to save his ex-wife and the daughter of this one. Accompanied by two friends and his waitress (Fin holds a refreshment bar on the beach), Baz and Nova, they will ensure.
Theodore Rex
The time when Whoopi Goldberg could do anything and everything, people go and see him. Well almost ! Here in police officer, Katie Coltrane (the name of his character) forms team with … a tyrannosaur . The famous Theodore Rex. Recreated genetically by scientists, endowed with intelligence and speech, he investigates with her on the murders of other dinosaurs. Normal. Strangely, the test projections were failures and the film was released directly on video, without going through the cinema box. People still respect a minimum.
A tire moves on its own. Well, let’s admit. And he kills people. Okay, it’s already spinning a bit. How? It would be the subject of psychokinetic powers, that is, an object mentally influenced by an unknown mechanism or energy. In the middle of the Californian desert, Robert (Yeah, the tire has a first name) rolls and attacks, relentlessly, animals and humans . Secondary plot: spectators watch the actors, who play this bizarre spectacle. A little mise en abyme for the road, to chiader a little thing. Written, directed and edited by Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo, who also made the soundtrack, normal).
Swiss Army Man
Hank walks alone on a deserted island. Depressed, suicidal, isolated, he goes crazy. Especially when he discovers the body of a former soldier, drowned, with whom he begins a very special friendship . Mi-tool, half-friend, this one serves him to do everything. Completely perched, the story shows surprising Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe in an independent film. Who has ever seen and loved one of these films?