One “did you know” very WTF on South Park, to stick to the series

Cinema 7 March, 2017

Created by two friends a little stamped, the series “South Park” has already marked history with its history. About which, there are plenty of stories.
And bim, put in abyme. #Keskiya, # boiling … #enflammade? Ok. Well, to come back to the fact, South Park has always been carbureted for years, and necessarily, there are things to tell. Aside from the fact that the two creators only complete each episode a few days before the broadcast, they are tearing it apart, as you do with your assignments, their adventures contain a lot of anecdotes and details. Fans is for you.
The creators do not remember certain episodes
At the time of season 3, the two companions, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, worked at the same time on the film that was going to go out to the cinema. As a result, their agenda was full, they never stopped working and writing. To the point of swinging episodes in the gas, to write to feel, limits in a second state . The episode where a panda is sexually harassed, among others. They have no memory of it. But according to their comments in their dvd, they find the idea funny anyway.
The screenwriters of “Game Of Thrones” were influenced by the parody of South Park
For Black Friday, they swung an episode in which they repeatedly tapped their characters in gardens. When David Benioff and DB Weiss saw this, they understood the message and calmed down on the scenes of that style , as they themselves confessed in the DVD of Season 4. Besides, in a scene , Olga Tyrell tells Margaery: “If I have yet another walk through the gardens, I throw myself off the cliff .” The power of South Park my guy.
George Clooney made the voice of a character
Go ahead, I’ll let you go. For fun. Frankly it’s impossible to know! Why ? For you can not recognize his voice . Chelou huh? It’s simple: Clooney interpreted Stan’s dog, in season 1. So he only barked. Here. Inevitably, it’s hot.
The association Gilles de La Tourette congratulated them
This episode is mythical. Cartman makes believe that he has Gilles de La Tourette’s syndrome in order to insult everyone tranquillou, normal, covered. And instead of being shocked, in automatic indignation as too often the association that deals with this disease in the United States explained to have adored the episode, that the creators had well transcribed the symptoms.
There are often hidden aliens in the background
Since the first episode where Cartman is removed and probed, the extratrestrats are present in the plot. There is even an episode where life on earth is presented as a vulgar reality television, organized by the aliens. And according to counts, you can see aliens encrusted in the background hundreds of times . In the crowd, in front of a tree …
Scientology has tried to intimidate creators
Some lack humor and retreat, can not laugh at themselves. A random example of the Church of Scientology. After the first (and not the last) episode in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone mocked them, the Church launched an investigation into them. Listening to communications, tracking bank statements, digging trash to find out about their diet and drinking … That’s it, anything. To find nothing in the end. And continue to get pruned. And bim, in the teeth. What anecdote makes you laugh the most?