The Walking Dead, Arrow, Empire, Gossip Girl: Top 10 series that have pulled too much on the rope with their fans!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

If we are definitely fans of our favorite series, sometimes we must admit that some shoot straight on the rope and can then disappoint us as never!
Stop going too far! And yes the meltynauts, we will not lie, even when we dedicate an unconditional love for our favorite series, it is sometimes complicated not to be disappointed when a scenario decision seems absurd. We love the madness does not help, they sometimes make mistakes and you can not help but notice . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 8 scenes you never lasseras you look , back on all series which widely abused with their fans!
For many, the Olicity couple has gone too far. In addition to being introduced to the world of Arrow while she is originally from the world of Firestorm, Felicity has made fans furious by becoming the only one in the heart of Oliver. A choice that had already struggled to pass and which was all the more decried when their incessant merry-go-round became the very engine of the series. With the couple Olicity, it is clearly “an I love you no more” constant. And icing on the cake, Laurel Lance aka Black Canary was murdered even as fans were desperate for it regains the love of our hero . In short, for the fans, there is the abuse of the air!
The Walking Dead
Yes, we waited a long time to see the first episode of season 7 and yes, we know that violence is supposed to be the heart of the series but they will perhaps too far lately . Indeed, in deciding to kill two emblematic characters so violently, perhaps they were simply disgusted by so much blood and disrepute? One thing is certain, since the hearings have not stopped falling on AMC .
We loved the Lyons family, we could not do without it and then Empire wanted to play it sensational by inviting all the stars of the moment. A decision that could have turned into an asset but which has especially greatly reduced the time given to the main characters and which are clearly the strength of the show. Now the hearings are in free fall and we hope that the writers will be able to redress the bar.
Gossip Girl
Ah nostalgia when you hold us! Gossip Girl, it was the glamor, the spangles, the crazy love stories until the writers gave in to the pressure of the fans by staging an unexplained rapprochement that came from nowhere between Blair and Dan. How to be more incoherent? We are not going to lie, we still do not understand why this couple ended up seeing the day even though the circumstances did not really lend themselves to it.
The 100
What happened in the heads of the screenwriters to dare to end Lexa this way? She, the strong and brilliant commander succumbed to a ridiculous lost ball? We still can not digest this disappearance that occurred just after Clexa outcome we expected so much . Okay, the actress should leave because she was casting Fear The Walking Dead but did she really have to leave us this way?
The Vampire Diaries
Yes, it is true, we still cry and always the departure of Nina Dobrev and Elena Gilbert. However, difficult to really turn the page when the characters spend most of their time talking to us about it. She is no longer there and it would be a pity if we were devastated if the young actress decided not to point her nose at the very end of the series. One thing is certain, it is not by constantly talking about it that we are going to feel better.
Once upon a time
While the show had completely conquered us with the plot based on The Snow Queen, Once Upon A Time has literally deviated by going from ease to ease. Between a Rumple who does not evolve and about thirty successive curses, we do not know what to do to allow certain characters to be more emphasized. The OUAT of the first seasons is missing and we hope that the second part of season 6 will be at the top!
Too many manipulations kill manipulations. Although Emily Throne was a badass heroine, they were really too far in order to perpetuate the far longer than it should have set . Between the return of his father, the false death of Victoria and we pass, it was clearly not understood why the creator decided to continue even though he had decided to make a limited series. Result: season 2 was very much below the first!
Newport Beach
Season 3 of Newport Beach, one of the most brilliant teen shows of his generation, has clearly shed the show. Too dramatic, too serious, this chapter has lost that savage mixture of comedy and action that made all its charm. And the decision to kill Marissa is still hard to swallow for those who watched the series only for her . And even if the fourth season was brilliant, no doubt that all this led to the cancellation of the show.
Prison Break
Yes, it is super hot at the idea of finding Michael and Lincoln for new adventures in the Revival but one can not help wondering why our hero must always escape from prison. With a concept threadbare, it was unfortunately practically that the series would be canceled . But to our delight, the Revival should be absolutely fantastic for any self-respecting fan and we are terribly impatient! Which series has pulled too much on the rope according to you?