Alien Covenant: Will Queen Alien Return?

Cinema 25 March, 2017

The last poster of Alien Covenant was very pleasing to fans of the franchise. And for good reason: Queen Alien seems to make her return in this new episode.
The official account Alien recently unveiled a dark poster of Alien Covenant scary . The latter gives way to the terrible Xenomorphs and other Facehugger attacking the poor victims of these mythical creatures. But a detail certainly did not escape the fans of the franchise: Queen Alien is present on this poster and promises a return in Alien Covenant for the viewers delight. The one that gives birth to the Facehugger who will then take possession of a host was invented by James Cameron in 1996 in Aliens: the return and made a strong impression. However, a question remains suspended for fans …
Will Ridley Scott give in to the digital special effects calls to create Queen Alien or will he play the animatronic game? Just take a look at Alien’s: the return designed from A to Z and measuring several meters to convince itself of the quality of the latter. For the occasion, several puppeteers animated Queen Alien and managed a complex system making it frightening. Let’s cross the fingers so Alien Covenant, whose interview Ridley Scott confirmed in the interview , will take the same path as his famous predecessor to the delight of those who delight in the massacres perpetrated by the Xenomorphs. What is your opinion ?