Alien Covenant: The Xenomorph threatens on a brand new poster

Cinema 16 April, 2017

Alien Covenant unveils itself on a brand new poster on which appears a threatening Xenomorph and … say drool!
If there is a return to the cinema that fans of horror await, and probably you too, it is that of the famous Xenomorph of the saga Alien. And while the release date of the movie Alien Covenant, which Ridley Scott described as more scary than ever , is approaching , a new poster has just appeared on the web. More precisely the Korean version of the poster of the film which highlights several characters but especially a Xenomorph more menacing than ever. With her immense teeth and the drool that drips from her mouth, the creature seems determined to hunt down our heroes until death. This Korean poster has the merit of announcing the color!
Above the Xenomorph there are obviously the characters of the film. Katherine Waterston, who will play the heroine of this opus, or Michael Fassbender, who will again be an Android with obscure motives. Alien Covenant, a link with Prometheus was unveiled , is a sequel to this same movie and promises to tell us more about the origins of the creature. A creature invented during the release of the Eighth Passenger directed by Ridley Scott (once again at the helm here). In short, the promise not to be disappointed by this new opus which promises very heavy . Between the different images and videos, we can not wait to find out! What do you think of this poster?