Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Deadpool … The most WTF replicas of 2016!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

History of celebrating as it should the end of the year, we offer you a small list of the most wtf movie replicas of 2016. To tell you we had enough to do!
2016 was a year full of striking films! Between those who have brought us new superhero Deadpool, Stephen Strange or the wicked of Suicide Squad , the successful return of the Harry Potter universe and the arrival of a spin-off of Star Wars almost more exciting than The first part of the new trilogy, there was clearly for all tastes! And of course, it will not have taken long for certain replicas of these films to become cult. Let them make us laugh, whether they draw us tears or leave us in shock, besides. But right now, as the end of the year, the editorial ‘of melty rather wanted to make you a small selection of replicas … most WTF 2016 . We do not hide from you that the choice was not obvious! Funny, scary or just absurd, here are 10 little sentences that made us happy in the dark rooms.
Dead Pool
Deadpool is definitely the craziest film and the craziest of 2016. So basically, find THE most WTF replica is somewhat impossible task! Between the gates he scales to his two allies, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, or the dialogues he addresses to us, difficult to make a choice. So, we opted for a little phrase he told Vanessa: ” If we do not review, know that I love you .” It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s cabbage and … after the insanities torrents Wade Wilson dropped throughout the film, it leaves us speechless!
Batman vs Superman
Between Batman and Superman, this is not frankly crazy love. It would be quite the contrary! The two headliners of DC Comics are eager to beat each other and it feels. But sometimes it’ll still a little too far . You know, like when Batman threatens the Kryptonian with this chilling replica we heard in the first teaser: ” Tell me, sometimes bleeding It will come to you? ..” Wow, there’s one that’s downright venerable. And, uh, if not, you do not want to talk about it? History to avoid (big) collateral damage?
10 Cloverfield Lane
Howard (John Goodman) was perhaps prepared at the end of the world, but it is far from healthy of mindHoward (John Goodman) may have been prepared for the end of the world, but he is far from being sane. We spend three quarters of 10 Cloverfield Lane waiting for the next explosion while tensions rise in the bunker where he locked up with Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Emmett (John Gallagher, Jr.). And when it comes, we curl up on ourselves. Like when he starts screaming for the other two: ” I know what I see while you prepare what you do I watch you all the time!!! “. Ah, they were just playing riddles … Energized, they tell you!
The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys (Shane Black), it goes in the 1970s and it looks like an acid trip. Moreover, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) always look constantly next to their pumps. Finally, especially the second. So in the end, when he says no one was injured as he and his friend left a trail of corpses behind them and it swings nonchalantly: ” What I mean, it ‘ is that they died quickly. So I do not think they were wrong “, it is not really surprised. But still, the guy would do better to stop the alcohol!
The Dory World
In the unforgettable World Dory , there are of course our blue fish to the troubles of the immediate memory, which goes in search of his parents. And as it is Dory, she fails in a maritime park (obviously) where someone makes a cameo that was really not expected. That someone is Sigourney Weaver! And there, one can not believe, especially the actress appears on the name. But the most crazy is when Dory herself exclaims, ” Sigourney Weaver is going to come save us! “. And there, suddenly, one imagines Sigourney land in full fashion Ellen Ripley and knock out anything that moves. Not really kids friendly …
In Ghostbusters , there are our four ghost hunters, Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) being the queen of the valve slamming. And then there’s Kevin ( Chris Hemsworth ). Is the most idiot secretary and low forehead experience ever . As a result, he is entitled to the honors of a quotation. In fact, if you think about it, all of its replicas are, to some degree, completely WTF. But his dog story called Mike Hat is the tassel. When he says, ” Oh, I have no cat I have a dog His name is My Cat.. .,” We share the perplexity of our three heroines Genre “. Wtf is he talking about? “.
Suicide Squad
Well, they’re all crazy in Suicide Squad . But Harley (Margot Robbie) is certainly the most siphoned of all (finally, ex aequo with the Enchantress). One never knows if she jokes or is serious, which tends to put her companions all the more uncomfortable. And we with it. Especially when it balance: ” What, what there I have to kill everyone and escape Sorry, these voices No, just kidding, they have not really said that?.! . “. Okaaaayy … We know one who has spent too much time with the Joker !
Doctor Strange
Wong, the bookseller taciturn Kamar-Taj in Doctor Strange . And it is (almost) impermeable to the charm of Stephen Strange whose humor, admit it, only makes him laugh himself. But the Supreme Wizard still raises an interesting point when he evokes the unknown surname of Wong. And there was a right to one of the most memorable replicas of the film ” Wong Wong Just as Aristotle Or Adele, Drake, Bono, Eminem.??? “. Clearly, Stephen Strange is a knowledgeable music lover. But he could have added Beyonce to his litany, since Wong is clearly a fan of the singer!
The Fantastic Animals
In the category Muggle friendly, Jacob of Fantastic Beasts, which marks the successful return to the world of JK Rowling , easily ranks first. It’s simple, the guy is as amazed as us by what he sees . On the other hand, when he tries to make believe that he belongs to this world for a long time, he crashes a little. No, because assert the tenant of the Pig Blind, the sleazy bar where Newt and his group are looking for information that ” [he] love the house elves. [His] uncle is a house elf .”, It’s a little To make us raise our eyebrows. Especially when the tenant himself is an elf of house to which one does not do it!
Star Wars: Rogue One
And we can not end this little anthology evokes the famous scene of Star Wars: Rogue One that takes place in the castle of Darth Vader . Faced with the despicable Orson Krennic, the Black Lord uses his favorite method to make himself obeyed. Either strangle with the Force this subject which makes him lose his time . And tell him, just to add a layer and flank him well the jitters: ” Be careful not to choke you when you breathe, Director. “. Well, there, if Orson Krennic did not understand that they can never be buddies, we do not know too much what it needs more! What replicas of this year have you preferred?