Yes you had already seen Tuco, and not it is not that a mexican villain more

Cinema 5 April, 2017

The big uncontrollable of Breaking Bad seemed familiar to you without knowing why. Answer: Raymond Cruz has already turned quite a bit in recent years.
Yes, he’s an actor you’ve seen before! And yes, we speak well of Raymond Cruz, the actor, not of another. Because I see you coming: “Yeah, well all the chicanos have the same roles and the same draw in the movies anyway, frankly it’s hot to know …” We agree, they are often restricted to characters Mafia of low floor, to the caïds of the streets. But not only ! In short, Raymond Cruz is the proof.
Sniper in “Training Day”
One of the members of the gang who sequesters the young Jake (Ethan Hawke), abandoned by his crooked trainer Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington). You can see the scenes again, you always stress. You feel the tension, the malaise, the whore in the place of the poor cop, you perspire with big drop. Notably because of Sniper / Raymond Cruz … The guy seems totally unmanageable, with violent attacks, primitive … An ability to blend into the character that would come from his family environment and his childhood: many uncles and loved ones were part of gangs Of Los Angeles, and he grew bathed in the clashes. With the bonus the vision of a guy shot in the head in front of him, with the skull exploding, twelve pins.
Julio Sanchez in “The Closer” and “Major Crimes”
As a detective this time, on the other side of the barrier. The suit, the tie, the air (a little) less aggressive … For several seasons, the series works well and the character of Julio Sanchez interests. Even intrigue. This is a sequel to a spin-off, called Major Crimes, in which one plunges into the detective’s past, in order to understand what motivates, trains and influences him . Fans liked, of course, Raymond Cruz too. “This shows how far we have been with this character and it is a just reward. It was beautiful .”
Ariel Castro in “Cleveland Abduction”
A TV movie that few of us will have seen, or just heard about. Logic. As for the fact of which he is inspired, you are necessarily aware of it. Remember in 2013, a certain Ariel Castro, a guy from Cleveland, who had sequestered three girls? On 6 May they had been found alive, and their abductor had gone to jail. Kidnapped in 2002, 2003 and 2004, the poor victims spent between 11 and 9 years in the cellar of the sick … Until the day when Amanda Berry alerts a neighbor of his cries, then another, and put an end to that. Raymond Cruz said: “It took me a month, afterwards, to get over it, move on, cut me off.” Like what, playing bastard is not necessarily easy.
Domingo Chavez in “Clear and present danger”
And he had to fight hard for that role! The casting manager did not want to receive it, give her, her chance, certain that it did not stick. Then Cruz motivated his agent, who called directly to the producers and he showed up at the audition . And boom, he bluffed the woman in question, redo it before another manager and bingo. A small role, like all his tafs of the 90s (including appearances in Steven Seagal’s films like Out for Justice and Under Siege), but a role managed as an ace. He was playing a sniper with the shitty character that was tapping on his superior’s system, and was not listening.
Distephano in “Alien: resurrection”
A real turning point. After the small roles (seen above), sometimes not even credited, the actor finally takes the edge! Finally a bit of actor scred ‘! In this movie, he plays a soldier and not just any one . Not the troufion that gets hit in ten seconds! Well, he dies anyway, but last, aboard the Auriga station. And after showing all the talent he has, what Jean-Pierre Jeunet had detected. The French director had rewritten the script to give more space to Cruz, fan of the actor.
Eladio Buente in “X-Files”
A sign of fate. Appearing in an episode of Season 4, as Chupacabra, Raymond Cruz takes just one more role. A role that seemed to him a snack, moreover, that he managed to camp by thinking that it was real , not just science fiction. In short, the important thing is his meeting with Vince Gilligan, the one who will write and produce Breaking Bad thereafter. The work pays, in the long run. So who remembers to have seen it now?