Breaking Bad

These series characters left too early while they were still under the elbow

Was there really no way to give them even a little reprieve?
We start to know the music: we do everything to make you attach to a character and ...

5 June, 2017
The Walking Dead: The 5 most crazy theories on the series

Waiting for season 8 of The Walking Dead, back on the craziest theories of the series.
We continue to wait for season 8 of The Walking Dead - ...

4 June, 2017
Better Call Saul is full of references to Breaking Bad, and we kiffe

While awaiting the arrival of the 3rd season of the prequel, centered on the invaluable advocate, we compiled the easter eggs honoring the original ...

10 April, 2017
Yes you had already seen Tuco, and not it is not that a mexican villain more

The big uncontrollable of Breaking Bad seemed familiar to you without knowing why. Answer: Raymond Cruz has already turned quite a bit in recent ...

5 April, 2017
A little empathy brothel, these characters of series do not deserve as much hate

Sometimes there is nothing to do, it is stronger than us. We look at the character, we listen to him and we can not stand him. In hindsight, some do ...

30 March, 2017
These series actors saw a great white light on the set, and it was not a projo ‘

Often, they add a bit to the difficulty of their job. The risks they take. But these actors can say it, downright.
The reasons vary, the risk ...

15 February, 2017