A little empathy brothel, these characters of series do not deserve as much hate

Cinema 30 March, 2017

Sometimes there is nothing to do, it is stronger than us. We look at the character, we listen to him and we can not stand him. In hindsight, some do not deserve it (so much).
We could limit guilt, although we will not go that far anyway. Do not make fun of it. Let us, however, try to step back and temper our opinion and our somewhat decided opinion on these characters. For in spite of their faults and their capacity to be drunk, we must admit that they are not so rude. That everything is not always their fault.
Janice (“Friends”)
Let us evacuate an obvious: his laughter is unbearable. We all agree, no problems. But hey, at the same time, how to really blame him? She can not help it. In addition, it is generally to support Chandler in his jokes, Janice constitutes his one and only support during the first seasons . Including in worse times, when it just needs comfort, attention … and sex. She loves him and does everything for him. Including helping her store and move her belongings while Chandler leads her by boat. Ok, she’s not super fute-fute, has weird tastes, but she gives everything to get accepted by the group and love Chandler.
Ted (“How i met your mother”)
It is not the funniest of the series and the blow, it feels like a lag. As if he did not deserve (more?) His role of protagonist considering that Barney is more exciting, Marshall more fun … And his whining side, great child never satisfied, has enough to weary from time to time. It is rather us who are at fault here. Ted follows only his desires, and does not let go . Being an architect, drawing a tower in New York, getting married and having children: its goals are clear and it does not change. Unlike Marshall who doubts her lawyer career, Lily’s life as a married woman, Barney and Robin in their loving commitments … In the end, Ted is the most upright, the most reasonable. We could leave him alone.
Skyler (“Breaking Bad”)
The screenwriters are still balèzes. They made us love Walter and hate Skyler, his wife. The propensity of the latter to constantly criticize, to make the mouth, to complicate things makes crazy, it is true. And the fact that she taps her boss and deceives Walter does not plead for her. What about Walter? The guy is all white? He becomes a big badass, a drug baron, kills people and puts his family in danger. Though it does all this to save it financially before cancer. Finally it was the justification of departure eh … So a little understanding, put yourself in its place, it does not have to be super easy easy.
Celia (“Weeds”)
Frustrated wife of Dean (Hodes), icy mother of Isabella, Celia is a breakout. With her cold, closed face, her harsh remarks and her pretense, she pushes people away. No one wants her as a friend. Nancy flees from her like the plague. Even when Celia wants to help and makes efforts. One must understand that she has a certain complex of inferiority that she manages poorly, that she is going through a crisis in her fifties and is questioning again. A bit of brothel tolerance, and generosity.
Sansa (Game of Thrones)
Honestly, who did not spit on her? Especially at the beginning, by the way. Growing up in Winterfell, with his family (Stark), Sansa pulls the non-stop trunk. The basic, jaded, unpleasant teenager, who makes no effort, sends his sister (Arya), her parents, the maid … Then she takes herself (with strength) with the worst asshole, Joffrey, who is told Passing will have his daron executed . Except that Sansa sees only her dream of being queen, then the rest, she does not care a little … Egoist, distant, she has enough to annoy the girl. Even after several seasons, despite what she endures and her merits (mine of nothing), we remain on our guard with her.
Esme (Peaky Blinders)
Married to John, Tommy’s younger brother, following an arrangement between families, Esme arrives in the Shelby family. Gypsy, like them, must still get used to a new life. No more trailers, life in the open air, nomadic life, free. She now lives indoors, has to work, close, respect rules . This does not always seem obvious and easy! This is one of the few to challenge or question Tommy’s words as well as his plans. And this, constantly. A few times where it feels a bit of tension, when there are already enough! And you want to say: “Thank you, but not now”. In the end, she is right to defend her ideas and interests, while truly loving John. So what to blame him? Who is the one who annoys you the most?