These series actors saw a great white light on the set, and it was not a projo ‘

Cinema 15 February, 2017

Often, they add a bit to the difficulty of their job. The risks they take. But these actors can say it, downright.
The reasons vary, the risk remains the same. Some just pushed the vice a little too far, others worked on shootings with few means where the security conditions were not optimal, others just did not have a chance … Small tour Actors who have nearly dug a series.
Matthew Fox: “Lost”
During the preparation of the final scene, producers questioned the need to use a real knife and not a mere imitation. At first, false. Then no, it’s none, then we fuck a real until the moment of penetration. Next to that, an assistant insisted on a jacket with a protective vest, because even the fake knives hurt . And fortunately, because at the time of the shooting, there was maldonne and the other actor finally performed the final scene of the shot in the bide with a real knife …
Sophie Aldred and Elizabeth Sladen: “Doctor Who”
The first one was wounded and a little shocked when shooting a scene in which she was locked in an ice cube. Already, there’s stress and conditions. Then the injuries to the hands when the glass broke. Finally, the risk of high electrocution , putting its life in the hands of the technical teams to lift it from the ground when the water spilled on electronic devices in the studio. The second actress escaped from drowning in a scene where she had to get into a whirlwind, by boat. It went wrong, she had to jump and began to drink seriously when Terry Walsh dived to save her.
Richard Hammond: “Top Gear”
When you want to break records, you push the limits. So there must be some risk. What happened to Richard Hammond when a front tire of his dragster exploded when it had exceeded 450 km / h . After being dismissed from the craft, he will eventually fall into a coma during a long rehabilitation. Before returning to its full capacity and authorizing the distribution of the images.
All the cast: “The Brady Bunch”
It was the idea of ​​a bastard, the plan of genius, the trick super cool: film the actors in full rollercoaster. For the time, it was daring and crazy. The directors were boiling: it was enough to fix the camera to the front of the vehicle, and the turn was played . Easy baby. A technician wanted to do a blank test, before, to see if the camera held well. Good idea, she flew straight. And she would have ripped off the heads of the actors if they had been present in the attraction.
Craig Charles: “Red Dwarf”
In science fiction mode, the screenplay transposes the characters to another land, where time goes backwards, backwards. And in one scene, Craig Charles had to be filmed coming out of the water, walking, gently but surely . To do this, he had weights in his pockets, to prevent him from floating and coming out too vertically and quickly. Problem: the actor stuck a foot in the mud and did not move. The response team quickly took it easy.
Aaron Paul: “Breaking Bad”
Already he had to die in the first season, as Jesse Pinkman in an original scenario where he had little importance … In addition he could seriously have passed there, still in season 1, during filming Of the sixth episode “Bluff” . In a scene where a huge pebble was holding a tarpaulin on the camper, Aaron Paul moved a few seconds, asking Vince Gilligan to try a different trick. And there, the rock fell, pile where it was, because of a squall. Hot. So, can we recognize the risks taken anyway?