These series characters left too early while they were still under the elbow

Cinema 5 June, 2017

Was there really no way to give them even a little reprieve?
We start to know the music: we do everything to make you attach to a character and when you make a small place in your heart next to your mother and your cat, we rip you all shamelessly . The worst thing is that you’re maso because you come back every time. In fact you know very well that with time, the pain subsides, and that other characters will come to do the taf. Even if in hindsight, certain deaths seem to you really precipitated. The guys down there still had a role to play, I’m sure! (Attention spoilers!)
Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire)
The first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire revolve mainly around the mentor / protégé relationship between Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmody. But the thirst for power (and revenge) of the latter will lead to its loss … A heartbreak for all fans of the series, who had attached themselves to the true hero of the show of HBO.
We had to bump who instead? Manny Orvitz.
Charlie Pace (Lost)
Charlie is one of the most complex characters in Lost . An ex-rockstar addicted to the heroine who found a new meaning to his life after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. On the island, the young man quickly fell in love with Claire, striving to help her Better to raise her baby. It will take time to digest his death in season 3, when his character would have deserved much better.
We had to bump who instead? Claire Littleton.
Robb Stark (Game of Thrones)
Roose Bolton’s blade not only took the life of poor Robb Stark during the famous “Purple Wedding” , it also caused a lot of trouble for fans of the fantasy series who imagined the new King of Winterfell well off to kick The Lannister ass. Robb, a great military strategist, imposed grave charges upon him, and Port-Royal seemed to him promised. But it is never good to have too many certainties in Game of Thrones , where his death and that of his mother totally rebuffed the cards.
We had to bump who instead? Everyone (this is what is expected).
Harry “Opie” Winston (Sons of Anarchy)
After a brief period of mechanics, “Opie” will quickly return to service within the Club. To the point of becoming one of the pillars of SAMCRO and more generally of the series. As much to say that his death in season 5 put a lot of fans in PLS, they who expected to see him continue until the end of SOA with his best friend Jax. Fate (and the creator of the series) will have decided otherwise.
We had to bump who instead? Clay Morrow.
Stringer Bell (The Wire)
The role that revealed Idris Elba to the general public. Straight arm of Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell handles drug trafficking on the streets of Baltimore. Thinking and posed, the man takes lessons in economics and rationalizes traffic like any other business , to the point of seeing it as a gateway to the “real” business world, which will nevertheless Violent STOP. In his quest for power, String ‘will get angry with the bad people, including Omar and Mouzone who lead him in season 3. Too bad, his character still had so much to give …
We had to bump who instead? Avon Barksdale.
Shane Walsh (The Walking Dead)
The mano a mano between Shane and Rick is the main frame of the first two seasons of The Walking Dead with in climax the fight to death between the two heroes. On this subject, actor Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane, revealed that there was an alternative version of his death. In the final duel in the woods, Rick kills him with a knife before he wakes up in a zombie. So far, everything happens as in the series. But then, Rick had to take Shane’s gun and shoot at him, realizing that the gun was not loaded. Shane had not come to kill him. Proof that the former deputy sheriff still had good and a margin of evolution for the following episodes …
We had to bump who instead? Carl (yeah, it’s free).
Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)
Perhaps one of the most charismatic villains in the history of TV series. Gustavo, it’s a chartered accountant to whom you would give the good Lord, if beside that, he ordered no executions between two chicken menus in Los Pollos Hermanos. Attention to detail, his death has become a cult cult element. We would have liked her to intervene a little later …
We had to bump who instead? Hmmm …. Gustavo, not the choice.