Better Call Saul is full of references to Breaking Bad, and we kiffe

Cinema 10 April, 2017

While awaiting the arrival of the 3rd season of the prequel, centered on the invaluable advocate, we compiled the easter eggs honoring the original series.
Knowing that a link existed between the two series is obvious. Already, basic, you know. That’s all. Then, the universe, the sets, the plans: you find plenty of things. Also characters, including future lawyer “Saul Goodman” or Mike. And it’s not over ! The first two seasons of the prequel are filled with references to her creator, the Breaking Bad series. Here are some easter eggs.
Jimmy bump into a Cinnabon
From the opening scene, boom: a black and white image where he is seen wearing a mustache and holding the perfect sandwich preparer: apron and cap showing the brand name (Cinnabon), gloves. Which brings us back to Season 5 (Granite State episode), when Walter and “Saul” discuss what to do next if we need to stop in case of emergencies . Jimmy / Saul balance that he will make low profile, that will make a taf hidden while changing identity. What taf? “In the best of cases, I run a Cinnabon in Omaha . ” That seems to have been done. And we hear that it is called “Gene” .
The manicure salon
Before landing in his fat office of Breaking Bad, Saul made with the means of the edge. And at the beginning, it was in a cramped room of Ms. Nguyen’s aesthetic salon, as seen in Better Call Saul. A universe for which he retains a certain tenderness since he proposes this as an idea to launder money . Two times. In season 3 (episode “Kafkaesque”), to Jessy. Then to Walter in season 5.
The desert as a place of death … or almost
It is impossible not to remember the episode, in the 5th and last season of Breaking Bad, where Walter humiliates his opponent by leaving him as coldly as authoritatively: “Say my name” . When it stank, it reverses the situation. Well, James / Saul does the same from the second episode, “Mijo”. His fucking plan to get under, with two losers, takes him into the wilderness, with a Tuco decided to all butt . And the talented orator of the future lawyer saves them.
The Marco Ring
Before moving to Albuquerque, to follow his brother, Jimmy lived in Chicago. Without going so far as to say that he made the 400 shots, he made some bad ones. With his buddy Marco, precisely. The two lascars squatted a bar, unrolled their combine to draw money from businessmen, and life was rolling. In Better Call Saul, Jimmy goes back a few days in Chicago, finds his buddy and they make a final blow together. When Marco died of a heart attack. This is where Jimmy gets his ring, at the request of the deceased, after the funeral. The ring he carries to the little finger of the left hand in Breaking afterwards . And that symbolizes his penchant for scams.
Loyola’s Family Restaurant
Mike’s privileged location when he has to set an important appointment. In Breaking Bad, it is Jessy (season 4) and Lydia (season 5) who find it there. In Better Call Saul, we see Mike go there and obviously be a regular . At ease, he speaks with the waitress, limiting a little flirting. And it is there that he meets Hector Salamanca, who offers him an offer that he can not refuse. The creators pushed vice by using this restaurant as Jimmy’s meeting place with the Kettlemen family, as his office is a bit pitiful at this time.
The Casa Tranquila retirement home
This is where Jimmy inventes a specialist in the right of defense of the elderly, distributes his cards and seeks a big file to land the company that runs this barracks, and others in the country. And this Casa Tranquila is the same place where Hector Salamanca finds himself in Breaking Bad , when Tuco was killed. The old tent tries to build a plan to take revenge on Walter, Gus goes to see him, and so on. Until the moment when the two blow up their faces, especially Gus who gets trapped, by the craft bomb of Walter. This end of season 4, fucking. Who wants to complete with his finds (there are at least a dozen other references)?