The Walking Dead: The 5 most crazy theories on the series

Cinema 4 June, 2017

Waiting for season 8 of The Walking Dead, back on the craziest theories of the series.
We continue to wait for season 8 of The Walking Dead – teased on video by Greg Nicotero – and today to help you wait, it is a crazy moment that is proposed to you. Obviously with seven seasons to his credit, hundreds of comics and millions of fans, The Walking Dead has had the right to the most far-fetched theories than the others . Sometimes ridiculous to laugh, sometimes so elaborate that they leave us speechless, theories are very useful to help us wait until the next episode, all the more so when they are later checked in the series.
Rick’s coma
The best known of all is probably that the zombie apocalypse is actually a nightmare of Rick Grimes. Since the hero of the series is in the hospital in the pilot, many fans have for a while believed in a “false” series that would actually take place in the sheriff’s unconscious . This theory, although interesting, is still a little bit flawed and we are happy that Robert Kirkman tweeted in 2014 that Rick was not in a coma and that everything that happened in the series really happened. Phew.
The alien invasion
Ok, this theory is still pretty classic but still nice to hear. According to some fans, the aliens could have sent the virus to rid human planet Earth and invade it quietly afterwards. Indeed, as we know, animals do not seem to be affected by the virus when all humans are affected, even when they are still alive . The story is a little big to swallow but we do not forget that when Robert Kirkman pitched The Walking Dead to publishing houses, he explained that all this was the basis of an alien invasion to arouse their curiosity. So, simple strategy or reality well hidden?
The collective hallucination
Among the most crazy theories, this one is well on the podium. Some fans have imagined that Rick and the company are all victims of a kind of collective hallucinatory psychosis and that they are killing healthy people in a world without zombies. The scene of Tyreese’s death served as a “proof” for some since shortly before he made his last breath, Tyreese had a hallucination . Andrew Lincoln’s British voice speaks of a group of marauders who commit acts of violence such as destroying villages – like Woodbury – burning prisons or mutilating children like Lizzie and Mika. According to theories, this voice would be Tyreese’s conscience that tells all the horrors he and his group have committed.
The Walking Dead meets Breaking Bad
According to this theory, the universes of the two AMC series would be the same and it is the drug manufactured by Walter White, hero of Breaking Bad, that would turn people into zombies. For the most imaginative, Walter’s enemy, Gus, would have ingested it shortly before dying and would then be the patient zero. Shot by the hair, certainly, but not without proofs. Indeed in season 1, Glenn drives a car that is in every way identical to the one that Walter offers his son . In Season 2, Walter’s blue-tinted drug is spotted in a Merle Dixon Reserve. Finally in season 4, Daryl describes the dealer of his brother Merle as a “bizarre little white” which says a lot “bitch / bitch”, a description that strangely resembles that of Jesse Pinkman, Another main character of Breaking Bad. Real clues or simple easter eggs, in any case it must be admitted that the fans are overflowing with imagination!
Well-known fans and partly surely inspired by the movie 28 days later, this theory states that the United States would be the only infected place . With the existence of the prequel Fear The Walking Dead, we know that Mexico has been touched too but the possibilities for the virus exists only in a part of America are there. Indeed the survivors have no news of what is happening elsewhere and apart from the reference to the French scientists made by Dr. Jenner in season 1, the characters never speak of the rest of the world. Could it then be that Europe has not been affected? Even if Canada is still safe? Not impossible … In any case Rick and the others must keep fighting and waiting to find them in season 8, discover the blatant errors of The Walking Dead that you may not have noticed ! And you, what are the craziest theories you know?