LIFE – Unknown Origin: A space shutter panting, our critic!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

A space ship, six crew members, a hostile extraterrestrial creature: we present you Life – Origin Unknown, today in the movies. Check out our review.
Ready to welcome the Alien Xenomorphs : Covenant with open arms (or almost)? If you still hesitate, we have a film of the same kind to propose to you by way of training: Life – Unknown Origin, of which you can discover the trailer on melty . Directed by Daniel Espinosa, this film is a good mix between Alien: The eighth passenger and Gravity and should therefore please lovers of horror and space. The pitch? Aboard the International Space Station, the six crew members make one of the most important discoveries in human history: the very first proof of an extraterrestrial life on Mars. But as they deepen their research, Their experiences will have unexpected consequences and the life form they have brought back into their ship will prove to be far more intelligent than they thought, and also very very hostile. They will therefore have to find a solution to get rid of it and above all, to survive. A space shutter panting in other words, where the tension is more than palpable and where the suspense that releases you hangs on your seat from the beginning to the end.
However, sensitive souls abstain because the creature that invited to this space station is very scary and clearly has nothing to envy the Xenomorphs of the saga Alien . The director did not skimp on the hemoglobin and the gore scenes that make you scream “Oh my God!” Add to this a controlled staging and a four-star cast consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Which brings here the humorous touch of the film, but also Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson whose performances are striking, and you are with a good horrifying science fiction movie as you like them. One small flat in this spatial partition: If Life – Unknown Origin holds us in suspense all along, it does not bring anything special to films of the genre and so we do not really come out transcended. Even the final twist, which is not bad, is rather predictable at the end. But it still remains a good mouthing before Alien: Covenant, whose new details about Walter and David were unveiled! And you, will you see it?