Blade Runner 2049, Alien Covenant, Star Wars 8 … science fiction honored in 2017?

Cinema 29 January, 2017

The year 2017 is likely to be strong in science fiction with the upcoming release of Blade Runner 2049, Alien Covenant and Star Wars 8!
The year 2017 will be definitely oriented towards science fiction! Ridley Scott will sign back with Alien Covenant , decades after creating the Xenomorph in the Eighth Passenger , and will also produce following his cult film Blade Runner Blade Runner 2049 . While these two science fiction monuments will have the right to a new episode, Star Wars will offer fans an eighth chapter whose title was unveiled recently. But why Alien Covenant, of which 10 minutes were unveiled very gory , Blade Runner in 2049 and Star Wars 8 are they highly anticipated and should provide a promising 2017 rather on the side of science fiction?
Penultimate chapter of the new trilogy initiated by JJ Abrams, Star Wars 8 should give the fans what they came for: Jedi and especially the return of Luke Skywalker . The latter will take care of training Rey on an island and despite many rumors, the first details of the synopsis are still not revealed. It must be said that LucasFilms protects these films very secretly and that the chances of information leaking before its release are very low. Not to mention that Star Wars 8, which surprises characters could be cast , will be the last film in which appears the actress Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia famous. The star unfortunately left us several weeks ago.
Ridley Scott will soon resurrect his famous creature: the Xenomorph. With Alien Covenant , following more or less direct from Prometheus , the director seems to want to offer fans of the creature a scary movie and gore. According to early returns of journalists who could watch ten minutes of the movie especially selected by Ridley Scott himself , Alien Covenant would be very promising . What give water to the mouth to the aficionados of science fiction who hope to discover a episode of quality and not another disappointment. Because until now, the Xenomorph has been greatly abused in cinema and few films in the franchise – or spinoff as Aliens vs. Predators – to be arrived at the ankle of a Eighth Passenger or Aliens: the return .
Another project attached to Ridley Scott but in this case, as a producer. The director had directed there for decades the first Blade Runner , landmark of science fiction, and entrusted the difficult task of staging the following Denis Villeneuve. Entitled Blade Runner in 2049 , Harrison Ford will sign his return in the same role that made him famous (to the sides of Star Wars ) and is joined by Ryan Gosling. The first teaser sets the tone and promises a lot, especially when we see the critical and commercial success of First Contact directed by Denis Villeneuve, science-fiction movie. Between Blade Runner in 2049 , Alien Covenant and Star Wars 8 , science fiction fans should love 2017!