More than a clown, Jim Carrey is a true actor of talent

Cinema 17 January, 2017

It should not be reduced to his grimaces in “Ace Ventura” or “Dumb and Dumber”, the Canadian has a much wider palette. Tribute.
Many of us have grown up with him and have lasting memories. It was clearly tapped bars by him, in the 90s. And still today, as soon as “The Mask” goes back for example. Then a few years later, Jim Carrey wanted to show that he knew how to do something else: to move. In more serious, touching roles, he bluffed and proved his talent. Back on these films where the native of Ontario surprised us. Why today? I almost forgot: Mr. celebrates its 55 pins . So it deserves a little attention. And I announce, I do not balance precisely the end of the films but spoile them well anyway. At the same time, you had 10/15 years to see them eh.
The Truman Show
The concept was then out of the ordinary: we followed the life of a star star of a reality TV without his knowledge. A bit like Virenque but still different. The man played by Jim Carrey is called Truman Burbank and spent absolutely all his life on an enormous film set, where all the other people around him are actually actors. When he begins to doubt, he asks questions, tries to find out more. Manipulated, betrayed, you share his horror and you want to chill. And hop, a Golden Globe of best actor in a dramatic film, in 1999.
Man on the moon
Biopic on the life of Andy Kaufman, a New York comedian who explained practicing anti-humor. Basically, the guy was constantly in the absurd, was trying to play with the minds of people, setting up an embarrassing atmosphere. He would have made a card Malaise TV . Completely perched, her whole life was dedicated to surprise people (crying on stage before securing), to organize cumbersome or crazy stuff like wrestling matches against women. A young death of cancer, his fans believed in an umpteenth stage. A strange and sad life. And hop, a second Golden Globe of better actor, in 2000.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
Thanks WHO ? Thank you, Michel. And yes, we owe this film to the French director Michel Gondry, and a unique role devolved to Jim Carrey: that of Joel Barish. Man reserved, to the life shy to die and logically a depressive hair, he meets by chance the delicate Clementine. The opposites attract themselves, they put themselves together and live a mad love. Until the day when Clecle is fed up and realizes that she is actually shit. Neither one nor two, she has Joel erased from his memories at the clinic Lacuna. What makes the poor Joel / Jim when she did not recognize the day of Valentine’s Day … He’ll do the same to move on, before changing his mind. Again, tears are not far away. Motherfucker. And hop, a 5th nomination to the Golden Globes (as well as BAFTA).
I love you Phillip Morris
A small independent film that did not make much noise, despite its unique story, inspired by the life of Steven Jay Russell. Basically, Steven leads a peaceful and classical life, work, wife, children … Then the discovery that his parents are not really his will go upset. He finds his real mother, who rejects him, then made his coming out and ends up in jail for various scams . And he will never stop, coming in and out of prison without stop, only guided by his transi love towards Phillip Morris. A complicated and overwhelming love.
The number 23
It is the story of a guy who receives a book as a gift, by his wife Agatha. And then Walter fucks a bolt. He devoured the book, the investigation of a man named Fingerling on the number 23, then resumed it to his account. Completely obsessed, Walter Sparrow sees his life connected and influenced by this number . Notably the name of a dog, Ned (and yeah, in the alphabet N = 14, E = 5, D = 4). In short, it starts in spin and Walter makes freak. Which one is your favorite in these movies?