We like all the cops, especially when they do not take themselves too seriously

Cinema 20 January, 2017

To the devil the zeal, the seriousness of each moment, the frozen face. When they resemble us, joking, cracking, missing, we adore them. The proof with these films.
Hot Fuzz
Too good and effective, Nicholas Angel saves everyone in London. So to be quiet, his colleagues and superiors send him to Sandford, in open country. A village where there is no tail dale and especially where the police do as little as possible, leaving people to act as they choose, forgiving small offenses. Nicholas teamed up with Danny, a tough bachelor who dreams of crazy missions, so he’ll coach him to make him a pro like him . Before they come across a most serious matter! On the menu: parodies of successful classics, jokes potaches, exaggerated bloodshed …
Bad Boys
Ah Mike and Marcus, sacred duo. Everything contrasts them: the physical appearance, the working methods, the way of life. So inevitably, their relationship is never of any rest and you have the impression of seeing an old couple. They still agree on one thing: chop the mobsters and celebrate it as it should be . So, they are ready for anything, like exchanging their identities (in the first episode of the saga), taking a bullet in the ass (Marcus), typing sick pursuits, rolling on a shanty town in a yellow hummer In the 2) … The guys force, without stopping. Both in the 1 and the 2.
The fatal weapon
A classic, surely even the classic. The one that inspired all the others, including “Bad Boys” of which we have just spoken. Two guys find themselves working together and on paper, it looks complicated. Roger Murtaugh celebrates his 50th birthday, is married and has three kids. Martin Riggs is young, widowed and has no fear . Investigating the death of a young woman (daughter of a Roger’s friend), they suspect something far more shady. The scenes of action are mythical, as are the dialogues and the famous “I’m too old for this bullshit” Roger. And that is that the 1. There are four to watch in everything.
The Nice Guys
The opportunity to see Ryan Gosling playing a big loser. Alcoholic, depressed, hustler, he plays Holland March, a private detective, who investigates to find a certain Amelia, following the murder of a porn actress . What does not please this lady who hires Jackson Healy (Russel Crowe), a brute, to break his mouth and calm him down a bit. But when Amelia disappears, the two begin to work together to continue the investigation. As best they could.
Beverly Hills cop
Eddy Murphy has its peak, you can watch all the movies in the saga without ever getting tired of it. It is also because he is very well surrounded and we have before us, not a duo, but a trio of cops who do not care about everything. Last but not least Axel Foley and Billy Rosewood. The more embarrassed they are, the bigger the guns, the more they go . And you have the third thief, John Taggart, who follows, never able to calm them down, who complains before cracking and participating in the party. And there are some unforgettable punchlines. And hop, three movies to watch.
21 Jump Street
Two champions who must help each other and associate to present a passable profile. T’as Morton, the big one, no one in the physical tests but intelligent, and Greg, the opposite. When they meet at the police school, seven years after high school, they understand that they need each other to graduate. Once that is done, after a first missed mission, they are sent to a high school to chop a dealer. Apprentice wizards who improvise and count (a little too much) on luck so that everything goes without a hitch. And they are being lectured by a superior who discovers that they put more eagerness to pass for cool guys and kiffer to the maximum this second passage in the lycee than to advance the investigation.
Rush Hour
When the Chinese Consul’s daughter, Han, was kidnapped, he immediately thought of Inspector Lee. One of the best elements of the Hong Kong police and especially the former personal bodyguard of the girl, Soo Yung. Except that the Ricans do not like to be allowed to do their job, then the FBI swings in James Carter’s paws. More clown than cop, Carter occupies Lee as he can … until Lee escapes and meets the consul . On mission, Lee will have to catch Carter who finally takes the game. Except to ruin plan A of the FBI. Kung-fu, pretension, mouth-fucking (Lee frees nothing to English), mutual aid, a slow understanding of everyone’s world: there is everything and it works. So, two other films will follow to go up to three episodes the saga. What movie makes you laugh most?