Limits ? What are the limits? There are many characters who talk to animals

Cinema 27 January, 2017

It is the beauty of creation. When you make a movie, a series, a cartoon, you can leave far without worries. And communicate a character with dogs, rats, bears …
It is repeated, however, that history must be coherent. And that is where we see the importance of words! Coherent does not mean plausible, real, verifiable or any other. And fortunately ! Because we are left still regularly with characters who speak to animals without blinking . Normal.
Bubble (Cartoon “The Super Nanas”)
A kind of superhero crew, feminine and adolescent. A redhead, a brunette and a blonde, named Bubble. It is the latter who talks to animals in order to obtain useful information in their investigations , or that sometimes negotiates directly with them when hope deter attack. Squirrel, whale, etc.: it manages.
Ant-Man (comic and eponymous adaptations)
Another superhero from the work of a perched scientist. In the Marvel universe, Ant-Man can exchange quite naturally with the ants , which are helping soon as they can anyway. Even better, he has direct access to their brains, if he so desires.
Aquaman (comic and eponymous adaptations)
Even delirium in the competition. DC Comics, Aquaman real terror acts but only water . Ocean, sea … But out of this, the guy is helpless. These powers are confined to the sea, where he converses with dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, turtles and others.
Harry Potter (Eponym books and adaptations)
And yeah, the nice Harry has some chelous powers of mine. Such as talking snakes . So even though he inherited this from Voldemort, which he does not appreciate, it has helped him from time to time. A kind of curse at the base, Harry makes good use of it when necessary. BG.
Tarzan (Eponym books and adaptations)
We should touch the ethnologists with two words. Because the guy was adopted and raised by the animals, inevitably, he speaks their languages? Poor orphan, Tarzan becomes the archetype of the wild man, who lives naked, goes from branch to branch and pats the discussion with chimpanzees.
Mowgli (Book named “The Book of the Jungle” and adaptations of the same name)
A little in the same spirit. A baby who grows up in the jungle, talking snakes, dogs, chimpanzees without problems . Accompanied by Baloo, a very sturdy bear, you do not call into question his skills. There are no more adaptations from the book of Rudyard Kipling.
Ace Ventura (movies and eponymous cartoons)
It was the time when you could give anything to Jim Carrey, he made it a success. The 90s, madness. Especially if it was necessary to make grimaces, to utter cries and to enchain the wacky scenes. With a kind of sixth sense, animal detective is buddy-buddy with all animals , without distinction.
Doctor Dolittle (Eponymous Book and Adaptations)
From decade to decade, films and actors have accumulated. One of the newest (and known by our generation) is none other than Eddy Murphy. Like Jim Carrey, a gifted actor with a comic talent, ideal for interpreting a veterinarian able to talk to all conceivable animals : parrots, llama, dog, rat, hamster … You think it’s normal or not this Kind of things?