Do you have the impression that an actor often dies on screen? Mate if he is in this ranking

Cinema 3 January, 2017

We have already all reflected: “I wonder how many times this actor bursts in his roles.” And bah a guy counted and swung a chart.

The example which everyone thinks is none other than the actor playing Ned in “Game Of Thrones” or Boromir in the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings’ Sean Bean . And this is justified because the Englishman finds himself in 4th position, with 25 dead. However far behind the former John Hurt, which totals 43 deaths in his career, films and series combined. Another name, better known, does not hurt: Robert De Niro has already channeled 19 times.
Another statistic reinforcing the idea that Sean Bean you seemed to lead : it has the best ratio of dead / film, with a figure of 0.32. Just behind, we find Mickey Rourke with 0.31, which goes back in this alternative ranking.
In short, here is the graph showing the total deaths of the actors on the screen (thanks to the site Nerdist).
Last stat for fun: a character does better than Sean Bean in terms of ratio . Did you guess? Go, no surprise, this is Kenny in “South Park” which displays a magnificent ratio of 0.38 death / episode. What is the presence that surprises you most in this ranking?