The Land: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the masterpiece not to be missed, our critic!

Cinema 25 January, 2017

It is the film not to be missed. The highly anticipated La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is out today at the cinema. Discover our review …
Whether on billboards or on television, you do not miss the promotional poster of La La Land or the success of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone at the Golden Globes. Praised by the US media, the new feature film by Damien Chazelle is already described as the film of the year 2017. If xXx Reactivated or All on Stage will also mark this January , we wondered if any this hype around La La Land was really necessary? Before delivering our review of the film, the editor of melty wanted to share with you his rather mixed feel before entering the projection room. We are not going to lie, music movies, there have been several in recent years and stories of love, we all know. Moulin Rouge , Mamma Mia or Hairspray … La La Land it would be a pale copy of these feature films? The lights go out, the silence is done and there we are propelled to the very heart of this city that never sleeps: Los Angeles.
Within a few minutes, the tone is given. The first moments transport us and the good humor takes hold of the room. So yes, we will discover a musical with the unstoppable duo Gosling / Stone, but the two actors can they really make us forget Crazy, Stupid, Love or Gangsta Squad ? The answer is yes. In La La Land , we discover the profile of two dreamers , Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). On the one hand, we find this young barista who serves cafes in the movie studios and who chains the castings to become an actress. On the other hand, we discover the profile of this outstanding pianist but broke that dream of only one thing, open a jazz bar. These two destinies intersect, tear, but above all, love each other. The director of Whiplash was able to transcribe the details screen that everyone learns to perceive love. But then he can their relationship really have a place in their dreams?
Obviously, you will have to go to the dark rooms to find out. We may repeat meltynautes, but we really want to emphasize that La La Land is a film for dreamers, you know, those people who are desperate to reach their ultimate goal and have the hope of get there. And who better than Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to stage characters as moving and addictive Sebastian and Mia and what is more, in a dazzling decor? The director Damien Chazelle, clearly written a love letter to Los Angeles with La La Land . Whether with the endless corks of the Californian city, the mythical pontoon or the hidden bars, LA has never been so valued. The end clap resounds and a few minutes are needed to get back from this awakened dream. If Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling radiate into La La Land , the play of light and staging are the point of honor of the film. La La Land, which approximates the stars with its 14 Oscar nominations, released this Wednesday, January 25th in cinemas, so you know what to do!