Films that show a superhero that is not really one but that manages so much that it is a little one anyway

Cinema 15 March, 2017

What ? It is clear: the hero manages his race, without having super powers and leaving Marvel or DC. Come on, the examples to explain all that.
Great powers involve great responsibilities. Small powers also, sometimes, when something falls on you and you have to get out, with your means. Which can potentially make you a super hero, when you solve everything, remaining a normal man. But not trivial. Here are the movies you have to look for.
Men in black
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones interpret two secret agents, hired by a secret agency, to control the arrival and the acts of extraterrestrials on earth. Representing and practicing the law, facing not only aliens but also well-motivated terrorists and enemies, J and K are very close to The Shield . At the same time, the film is inspired by a comic, then inevitably. But here we have two men, not superheroes.
Harry Potter
Again a possible comparison with a superhero movie, released recently. Dr. Strange, in this case. Harry, like him, is born with the ability to resort to magic and mysticism . However, Harry does not master it, must learn from mentors, grow up. Not to mention his somewhat arrogant and archi confident side in him, as Dr Strange, again. He crossed the galleys with the little magician, with his friends, in front of Voldemort and company. And he goes on, always.
Stop me if you can
Indeed, Frank Abagnale Jr is not a superhero at the base. Dude everything that is more normal physically, mat. But corones and a genius in imposture and falsification that has fooled dozens of people for years. Pilot, doctor, lawyer, counterfeiter … He ends up attracting the attention of the cops and one takes care to run it. As in Captain America: the winter soldier.
Kill Bill
A classic of Tarantino in which he pays homage to the martial arts and the Japanese cinema that he loves so much. With Uma Thurmann in the title role, a stylish soundtrack, gore scenes and a revenge story . Grosso merdo, Deadpool has some points in common with this film. Although the character of Ryan Reynolds is much more caustic and funny, more childish. One thing is for sure: if you liked the fight scenes in Deadpool, then you’ll love Kill Bill. Even without super powers, you will have understood that do not shit La Mariée / Beatrix Kiddo / Black Mamba.
Some will say that it is capillo-tracté but not at all. Precisely, Cobb resembles us in every respect, it is a simple human. Which does not prevent him from having enormous responsibilities and to be the key to the future , like Bruce Wayne. All in a heavy, stressful, rather black atmosphere, with a BO that takes you to the guts and crazy images of a city. As in the Batman trilogy also directed by Christopher Nolan.
In the footsteps of Eggsy, a young British delinquent, one discovers the secret world of the spies formed by the Crown. A surprising trajectory, an out-of-the-ordinary will, corrosive humor, super well-executed combat scenes, and a parody of spy films so successful that it becomes a reference to his way. Who sees resemblance? With Kick-Ass! Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn (who did both), and are based on Mark Millar comics (signed by Icon Comics). Who’s going to make a movie now?