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Harry Potter: Another actress was to embody Hermione in place of Emma Watson

Harry Potter could have been totally different at the movies. The director of casting revealed in an interview that another actress was approached to ...

11 January, 2017
Some regrettable errors have crept into these films of 2016

The net ends of the Web have still found some beautiful facts.
"It wants to give lessons while his articles are full of mistakes!" . It is quiet ...

4 January, 2017
Fantastic Animals 2, Alien Covenant … Katherine Waterston, the new rising star

Coming soon to Fantastic Animals 2 and Alien Covenant, Katherine Waterston is a new rising star. Focus on his early career.
Recently, Katherine ...

4 January, 2017
The Fantastic Animals 2, Spider-Man Homecoming, Blade Runner 2049 … The Top Cinema of the Month!

The year 2016 is nearing its end and with the month of December of many news between rumors around the Fantastic Animals 2 or the trailers of ...

31 December, 2016
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Potterheads! And if you were offered the opportunity to meet the actors of the great Harry Potter saga? A news that falls right after Christmas! ...

27 December, 2016
The Fantastic Animals 2: The brother of Norbert Dragonneau present in an important role?

Will the brother of Norbert Dragonneau, principal protagonist of the Fantastic Animals, be present in an important role? A letter seems to affirm it ...

27 December, 2016