Harry Potter: Another actress was to embody Hermione in place of Emma Watson

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Harry Potter could have been totally different at the movies. The director of casting revealed in an interview that another actress was approached to play Hermione …

When opening auditions for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone , many children have postulated hoping to hold the top of the poster for this new blockbuster. Emma Watson, known by all as Hermione, one of the heroes of this franchise and best friend of Harry Potter, could have missed this role. This is what Janet Hirshenson, casting director of the film, revealed in an interview with the Huffington Post . Another little girl was approached to incarnate the sorceress thanks to its small reputation in the world of the cinema. Emma Watson, who had an incredible evolution fashion , could be replaced by Hatty Jones !
Hatty Jones, aged 10 at the time of casting, was known for his role in Madeline . Janet Hirshenson even explained that Emma Watson, seeing her competitor in the cast, had to think she had no chance. Fortunately, the casting director has quickly made the difference between the two girls and finally decided to opt for the one we know today as Hermione. Hirshenson also states that one of the producers of Harry Potter, in which Robin Williams came close to having a role , even asked for Emma Watson to his 21 years. And also at that time, everyone exclaimed “A star is born!” . What do you think of this anecdote?