Johnny Depp tackled by an American TV star

Entertainment 13 March, 2017

Johnny Depp is not just fans! An American TV star attacked him directly …
Fans of Amber Heard attacked Johnny Depp ! A part of the public requires Disney studios to stop engaging Johnny Depp in their productions. The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has seen its reputation fall dramatically since the accusations of domestic violence launched by Amber Heard, photos in support. The shocking revelations of the young actress shocked the public, and the popularity of Johnny Depp clearly suffered. But this is not the only reason why the actor gets clashed! The American presenter John Oliver, very popular for his program Last Week Tonight which criticizes with humor the news on HBO , Has not hesitated to tackle Johnny Depp in his show. John Oliver clearly expressed his weariness for the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga , whose promotion is based in particular on a Johnny Depp rejuvenated by the magic of the synthetic images.
Indeed, the presenter squarely compared Donald Trump ‘s American Health Care Act , which replaces the health system set up by Obama and represents a real disaster for the American population at Pirates of the Caribbean 5 : “American Health Care Act, you do not want it, it sounds awful but you will have it all the same. It’s the legislative equivalent of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Johnny’s curse that divorces and needs money. And as will be the case for this film, the first criticisms of this measure are disastrous ” . It’s funny, but it hurts! Johnny Depp, who would be one of the most hated Hollywood stars after his divorce , really does not have that fans. Despite all the actor, who recently disguised as Jack Sparrow to visit a sick child, will certainly experience success with this highly anticipated fifth installment. Whether you like it or not! What do you think of the pike of John Oliver?