Some regrettable errors have crept into these films of 2016

Cinema 4 January, 2017

The net ends of the Web have still found some beautiful facts.
“It wants to give lessons while his articles are full of mistakes!” . It is quiet family, far be it from me to throw stones at others (I know not aim more), to err is human and is part of the game. A game, which for 7art, is also for users to hunt the facts, jump cuts, anachronisms … anything that can go wrong in a film . And we still had clean in 2016.
Bah then is the right hand or left hand Deadpool?
At the end of the opening scene on the highway, friend Deadpool is intercepted by Colossus, who handcuffs his right hand to bring him home. But the red sticky antihero not hear it that way and decided to settle the issue in hand, before hitting a back flip to fall back into a truck on a road below . It is by performing this beautiful acrobatics that one realizes that he has a stump in the place of the hand … right. Zero coherence.
Tommy Lee Jones has memory problems in “Bourne Jason”
Looks like the sketch of the Nameless, “Mistresses and patients” , where players need it shows them (roughly) the text so they could charge. He arrived at about the same thing Tommy Lee Jones in “Jason Bourne” . In one of the first scenes where he appears, one can see sir do a little storage in his office, on which is a notebook. And believe it or not, but surfers keen eye will have noticed the actor lines of dialogue during this scene where he talks on the phone . Really basic stuff style “This is Dewey” ( “It’s Dewey” ), “How badly?” ( “How much?” ) And “I want a briefing in my conference room in one hour” ( “I want a briefing in my meeting room in an hour” ). A really useful reminder …
Warning spoilers. In the final installment of the Star Trek saga, Patriarch Spock (Leonard Nimoy) clamps, to the chagrin of his son (Zachary Quinto), who learns the news on his shelf. In the necro of man, there is written that he was “Second officer – USS Enterprise” , while all Trekkies (fans of the saga) know that he was “first officer” Captain Kirk . It’s not nice to downgrade people socially, especially when they’re dead.
It is the day and the night (elusive 2)
When Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) comes to recover Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman) in his prison, it is clear that it is night. But later in the film, when an FBI agent will return the tapes, it is noted that the scene is set to 2:10 p.m. . So it’s either a magic trick they have the secret, or a prison in the Arctic. I see no other explanations.
Equatorial Guinea, really? (The Fantastic Animals)
The anachronism is never very far when a film strolls in an ancient time. This is the case of “Fantastic Beasts” by J. K Rowling taking place in 1926. When Newt (Eddie Redmayne) meets Tina (Katherine Waterston), the latter points out that he spent too much time in Guinea Equatorial, and the other adds that it was for his book on these famous fantastic animals. If he had Buché its geo pounds, he could take her again to tell her that Equatorial Guinea had not yet been formally under that name . At the time, it was called “The Spanish Guinea” ( “Spanish Guinea” ) prior to independence in 1968.
German police officers in Romania? (Captain America: Civil War)
The flight of Bucky (The Winter Soldier) takes him to a moment of the film in Bucharest, the Romanian capital. But he is quickly spotted and the order is given to launch the assault on his apartment. Oddly, it’s the cops German GIGN who will intervene and not Romanian cops as hint at their body armor which is written “Polizei” (that’s “Politia” in Romanian) . Well, one can always say – to make lie to Marine – that European cooperation works and that the intervention is conducted jointly by the two police forces, especially since Bucky is initially sought by the German police, but the explanation the most likely is that the prod ‘did not want to break the uq to seek new costumes and merely those of Berlin, where was filmed “Civil War” .
Will you have to choose a final haircut my guy (Divergente 3)
“Divergente 3: Beyond the Wall” (directed by Robert Schwentke)
Besides a scénar ‘poor enough, “Divergent 3” has bothered a lot of people because of Romit haircut (Andy Bean). We want the guy to evolve capillarily in the film, but from one scene to the other, it’s frankly abuse. In fact, it alternates between two cuts – with or without hair on the sides – which leads to believe that some scenes were re-shot long after, hence the uncertain and confusing installation .
The journalists of the Daily Planet are big sluts (Batman VS Superman: The Dawn of Justice)
I think not many people spoiler recalling Superman dies in the epilogue of “Batman VS Superman” . An umpteenth victim of 2016, who like all his comrades of misfortune had right to his necro in the newspaper of the corner. And it is to read in the Daily Planet , with behind the pen, the boss himself, Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). One sees surreptitiously pass the article at the end of the film. An article ? A nice scam yeah. Fans who felt the entourloupe have to break that time, and realized that the same article was charged twice on the same page . And bah she is beautiful the press of Metropolis.
He comes out of where this skyscraper? (Sully)
A new anachronism to conclude this list. And we have seen recently in “Sully” , the Clint Eastwood film about the miracle of the Hudson, with this pilot landed his plane in the greatest calm on the Hudson River, saving all aboard . In the flashback that brings us back to that time in New York in 2009, we can clearly see the tower 432 Park Avenue toiser heaven . A nice failure since the construction of this tower started only in 2011 and will end in 2015 …