Fantastic Animals 2, Alien Covenant … Katherine Waterston, the new rising star

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Coming soon to Fantastic Animals 2 and Alien Covenant, Katherine Waterston is a new rising star. Focus on his early career.
Recently, Katherine Waterston is enormously noted in the movies. Yet the British actress began her career in 2006 in a short film by Bryce Dallas Howard, who will be more badass in Jurassic World 2 . But with films like Steve Jobs or Inherent Vice , the young woman had a new visibility making her the star to follow in the coming years . A poster of Alien Covenant in 2017 and Fantastic Beasts in 2018, everything seems to smile one that will continue – hopefully – to chain roles until you find one that will make her an Oscar winner. Anyway, at melty, we put a lot on Katherine Waterston. And here is why.
Coming Soon to Alien Covenant, which we explained the links with Prometheus , Katherine Waterston will have a chance to score the fans of the franchise. Succeeding Sigourney Weaver, who epitomized Ripley in the original quadrilogy, there are rumors of a relationship between Ripley and Katherine Waterston. With this new horror film, the actress will explore a new genre based on fear and confront a mythical monster movie: The Xenomorph. Not to mention that the director of this sequel is none other than Ridley Scott, the man behind Eighth Passenger who gave birth to the famous Alien license. It remains to be hoped that the film will be good and Katherine Waterston will know a huge springboard for her career.