The Fantastic Animals 2: The brother of Norbert Dragonneau present in an important role?

Cinema 27 December, 2016

Will the brother of Norbert Dragonneau, principal protagonist of the Fantastic Animals, be present in an important role? A letter seems to affirm it strongly!
Introduced to the movies last month through a first adventure, Norbert dragonet, hero of Fantastic Beasts , will need help in the second part. And for good reason: in Fantastic Beasts 2 , it will face the powerful Grindelwald. An evil emblem already evoked in Harry Potter but whose history has never been developed in depth. And this mistake will soon be corrected by JK Rowling in the next episode of this new saga. According to a site user Snitch Seeker, there would likely Norbert dragonet is helped by his brother, Theseus dragonet in Fantastic Beasts 2 (including new details about the plots were announced) .
And for good reason: this surfer to Snitch Seeker was able to make a turn around in the exhibition Fantastic Pets and Harry Potter is currently the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles. Lucky found a letter among exposed accessories RTL decided to translate into French “Well, little brother, I do not know what you heard wherever you about what is happening in Europe, but Grindelwald Has made a lot of noise since you left, the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation do not like it very much, it has enervated a lot of leaders and it has disappeared, I was chosen to go and find it ” . Presented in the first game as a “war hero” , chances Theseus dragonet be present in Fantastic Beasts 2, including a second actor is interested in the role of Dumbledore seem very high! What do you think ?