Films that show a superhero that is not really one but that manages so much that it is a little one anyway

What ? It is clear: the hero manages his race, without having super powers and leaving Marvel or DC. Come on, the examples to explain all that.

15 March, 2017
The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 13, Morgan reaches a point of no return, our critic!

While Season 7 episode 13 of The Walking Dead was broadcast last night on AMC, let's get back together on the major events that have marked "Bury Me ...

13 March, 2017
The Blacklist Season 4: Episode 14, Red Betrayed by One of Our Own, Our Critic

Last night, episode 14 of season 4 of The Blacklist was broadcast on NBC. So it's time to discover our review as well as the video promo of episode ...

17 February, 2017
Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple to get revenge for P. Diddy?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez continue to elicit feedback. Moreover, according to an American radio presenter, they would be together to take revenge for ...

30 December, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 7: Carol and Morgan, how will they react when they learn of the death of Glenn and Abraham?

The break of season 7 of The Walking Dead leaves us all the time to reflect on the continuation and in particular the reactions of Carol and Morgan ...

17 December, 2016