Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple to get revenge for P. Diddy?

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

Drake and Jennifer Lopez continue to elicit feedback. Moreover, according to an American radio presenter, they would be together to take revenge for P. Diddy!

It’s official ! The news came today, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are a couple and they kissed . A video that did not fail to react to the Net surfers who did not expect at all. And if there are still and always people skeptical about the sincerity of this relationship, others have not hesitated to congratulate the two lovebirds for their new idyll. But while many compliments are for the two celebrities who are already baptized DraLo by their fans, an American radio host was not private for clashing . And that is the microphone of Hot 97 that Funkmaster Flex has tackled Drizzy and JLo . According to him, the two artists have started a love affair in order to avenge P. Diddy …
To understand the matter, we must then go up to 28 December 1999. It is 3 am when P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez , partner at the time, had a violent altercation with a Matthew “Scar” Allen . Shots were fired and the two lovebirds flee into a car pursued by the police. If they break some time after, whitened and free from this unfortunate event, this date remains forever engraved in their memories. Moreover, it is very quickly that Funkmaster Flex and the Internet users make an amazing rapprochement. DraLo since the couple posted the photo on which he made a hug on the same day that the shooting . Coincidence? But that’s not all ! We must not forget that Drake and P. Diddy did not like. In December 2014, the two artists fight and the Canadian singer ends up in the hospital. But Drizzy and JLo are they pretty petty to use their own romance to tackle the interpreter of “Last Night” ? You are left to judge! Decidedly, the couple formed by Drake and Jennifer Lopez reacted! The proof, Rihanna has been clashing with Maeva Anissa. Drake and Jennifer Lopez in couple, Rihanna clash by Maeva Anissa! In your opinion, is this relationship sincere?