The Walking Dead Season 7: Carol and Morgan, how will they react when they learn of the death of Glenn and Abraham?

Cinema 17 December, 2016

The break of season 7 of The Walking Dead leaves us all the time to reflect on the continuation and in particular the reactions of Carol and Morgan when they learn the tragedy of the beginning of the season.

The wait, still waiting until February 12 and the great return of Negan and his gang but also and especially Rick, Daryl and the others more motivated than ever. So we wondered there is little which characters would die in the next few episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we continue on the same topic but to talk about already dead characters this time. As we now know all – and that’s hard to forget – Glenn and Abraham are both dead at the hands of Negan in the first episode of Season 7. Most of the group members were present to witness the but killing two people were missing: Carol Morgan and . After being helped by the inhabitants of the Kingdom to save Carol, they are both left to regain their strength and get to know this community as dynamic as sympathetic. But things could very quickly change as suggested by the promo and the extracts of the sequel.
Now that Rick has regained confidence in him, he is about to rally Hilltop and the Kingdom to ask them to join him in his fight against Negan. That means not only that we’re finally going to have the right to meet again between Carol, Rick and the others, but also unfortunately that Carol and Morgan are going to learn the deaths of two of their friends. One wonders how they will react when they know that the famous Negan, against whom Morgan does not want to fight, literally exploded the skull of Glenn and Abraham under the terrorized eyes of the other members of the group. Despite its apparent calm and will to detach the relationships it has forged with other, we imagine that Carol will be deeply affected by the death of Glenn rubs it for years and it is possible that she also feels for Guilt because of his absence at the time of the facts. In any case, the death of his two friends could well be the catalyst to find the combative and protective Carol we know.
Like Carol, one imagines that knowing that Negan has avenged himself so violently could be what will push Morgan to take up arms again. The hostile and tyrannical behavior of the leader of the Saviors is clear evidence that violence is inherent in the new post-apocalyptic world and it is almost impossible to avoid if they want to form relationships with other human beings . Moreover the end of the reign of Negan would mean the beginning of a more peaceful era with an alliance between Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom – until the arrival of the evil next evil. For us this information will be decisive for the intrigues of Morgan and Carol, and it is assumed that learning of the death of Glenn and Abraham will be what will push them to join a group now more welded than ever – group that we look forward to find on AMC . Waiting to see all that on our screens, discover Rick, Ezekiel and others on pictures of following the 7 of The Walking Dead season on melty. And do you have any idea how Carol and Morgan will react?