These biopics on women who have marked the history of which no one speaks

Cinema 16 January, 2017

We talk about “Jackie” because Natalie Portman shines but we too often forget other films honoring extraordinary women. Here they are.
“Behind every great man hides a woman,” according to a certain expression. And I want to say that the woman does not need to hide sometimes, she is there, alone, in the front row. And she accomplishes extraordinary things too. Here are the films retracing the life of women out of the ordinary of which one does not speak enough and which one must absolutely see.
Rosa Parks: telefilm “The Rosa Parks Story”
It’s not just a song from Outkast (though it tears), Rosa Parks is a real woman, a real story. On December 1, 1955, in Alabama, she refused to give up her place to a white man, as was hitherto the law in the United States. Tried and convicted of public disorder, the seamstress will be supported by Martin Luther King himself , which will launch a protest movement for equality between blacks and whites. A historical moment in the history of segregation.
Annette Kellermann: film “The First Mermaid”
Yes, there are two “n” normally, his father being German and his name often anglicized for some reason. Born in Sydney on July 6, 1986, this girl with polio will begin to swim under the doctor’s recommendations. And push the thing up to become a professional swimmer (synchronized) and tried to cross the Channel . Even more historical, she militated for women’s right to wear a swimsuit (one piece at the time) and was arrested in 1907 in Boston for indecency. The sports argument was retained by the judge, which was a case law and embodied an enormous advance for women.
Marie curie: three films “A certain young girl” / “Beyond the myth” / “Marie Curie”
Polish (her birth name is Sklodowska) and naturalized French, this physicist and chemist remains a legend. First woman to receive a Nobel Prize (for chemistry in this case) – for work on radiation with her husband Pierre Curie in 1903 – she pocketed a second eight years later, physics, for research on polonium And radium. No woman has done as well, and even better, no winner has won two Nobel in different scientific fields . Oh Mary …
Benazir Bhutto: documentary “Bhutto”
Born in Karachi in a family of politicians, she studied brilliantly and became Minister of Defense of Pakistan in December 1988. Not satisfied, the daughter of the former president accumulates another post: that of Prime Minister. At 35, Benazir Bhutto is the first woman democratically elected to head a country with a Muslim majority. Many years later, on December 27, 2007, when she was campaigning for her party, she was the victim of a suicide bombing.
Anne Frank: two films “The Diary of Anne Frank” / “Anne Frank”
Born in Frankfurt just before Adolf Hitler came to power, she grew up and will live the major part of her life in the Netherlands after her parents left Nazi Germany. Hid with her family in Amsterdam, she refers everything in her diary before being caught and end his days in the Bergen-Belsen camp , shortly before the German surrender in 1945. His life lasted only fifteen But Anne Frank was the author of the most representative book of the Holocaust.
Amelia Earhart: film “Amelia”
Born in Kansas and a true adventurer from an early age, she discovered the pleasure of the flight during an air baptism in 1920. Her duties as an apprentice nurse and social worker allowed her to pay for her own plane, a biplane Yellow name the Canary. On October 22, 1922, Amelia Earhart set a record: she is the first woman to reach the altitude of 4,300m. It was then the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane, by June 1928 , despite the marketing side of the operation and its weak role it will denounce saying to have been nothing more than a “potato sack ” the pilot Wilmer Stultz and mechanic Louis Gordon. Unstoppable, it tries the round the World in 1937 but disappears with his colleague, in June, over the Pacific Ocean.
Nadia Comaneci: telefilm “Nadia”
She begins gymnastics in kindergarten and begins real training at seven. Nadia won several regional and then national tournaments before going on to the European Championships in 1975. At thirteen. The following year, at the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, she obtained the maximum score of 10, which is a first in the history of gymnastics . And history to confirm, she does it seven times during these Olympics Little anecdote “Did you know?” In Christian Jeanpierre mode: the score panels were not parametrized, they displayed 1.00. Which tempts you the most?