You’re all up there only when you can refuse crazy offers like Matt Damon

Cinema 27 January, 2017

How can we know that we have succeeded? How successful are we? That one is in a position of strength? Answer: Look at Matt Damon.
Unfortunately, today, everything is a matter of balance of power. If you have something that others seek, you negotiate, you refuse, you have the choice. And if you do not, you’re gonna make it. Completely. Regarding Matt Damon, it obviously incorporates the first category. When you see the film it has refused, for various reasons, you understand that the guy weighs .
If the director claims to have always had Sam Worthington in mind for the lead role of Jake Sully, the producers were not so sure of his choice. And pushed him to aim “better”, that is to say better known than an Australian actor quasi anonymous. Randomly, Matt Damon. Which said he was too busy to turn Green Zone and was not going to do it . Serene the guy.
Brokeback Mountain
There, the American actor was really interested. But really, he did not feel it. Why ? Basically, he told Gus Van Sant that it was not good timing for him to play Ennis Del Mar. He had to chain a film about gays, and another cowboy. While playing live after a gay cowboy role … It was too much. Then he recognized that Heath Ledger had been exceptional, no disappointment or regret.
The Bourne Legacy
At the time, he believed the story had come to an end. Finally, not necessarily that of Jason Bourne, but rather his as Jason Bourne. “What motivates Jason Bourne, the source of his anxiety, which makes him interesting, was the fact that he did not have a memory, and at the end of the last one, he finds it. Knows who he is, where he’s going, there’s not much to play for me. ” In addition, he did not turn with another real ‘Paul Greengrass . And finally, the two lascars returned to business in 2016. Bah then, regrets?
Star Trek
Perhaps he hoped for a better role than George Kirk, James’ father. Because, for the blow, it cane from the opening scene, at the birth of James. In any case, JJ. Abrahams said he had refused “so elegant and understandable, with logical arguments” . In summary, Matt did not have time for this kind of stuff, in addition to True Grit and Invictus.
The Dark Knight
Still a question of timing. That’s the problem when you chained roles and films, in the end you’re busy as ever and must provide to death for stalling a twist . When he was contacted to perform Harvey Dent, aka double-faced in this Batman of Christopher Nolan, Matt Damon had to refuse. “Time-use problem, it happens to receive a role and not be able to do” , as he explained in an interview with MTV. Yeah, when you’re good and courted.
Dan White in “Milk,” Dieter Dengler in “Rescue Dawn,” Michael Jennings in “Paycheck” Daredevil … Who thinks Matt Damon is one of the best players?