Do not say “Oh yeah, you bet how much?” To these movie characters

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Already with a friend a little proud, you do not know when or how it will end. But then with them, hooks to bets, you launch yourself into something endless.
Denial, unconsciousness, taste for risk, pretension, beauty of gesture: everyone has his explanation for not being able to prevent himself from playing and betting. The result is the same, all these characters find themselves in situations tense. Clearly, it is stronger than them.
Teddy KGB in “The Players” (1998)
Still a Russian who is not portrayed as a very clever person in an American film. Gangster (obviously), Teddy holds an illegal, hidden poker room in New York. Alas, it does not always win. One day he Mike feather $ 30,000, after which it stops playing … until he should return it to save the life of his friend Lester “Worm” (Edward Norton), having a large debt To quickly repay. After several ups and downs, Mike (Matt Damon) returns to face Teddy (John Malkovich). Which loses a first part of $ 10,000, causes Mike and reperd thousands of dollars. Should stop and limit the damage sometimes …
Married and father of a family, he still does not know how to conduct himself reasonably. He drinks, weeds and plays too much. Poker, especially, but also horse racing. In addition, his best friend, Nicky Cerone (Joe Pesci), the engraine without stopping, then going to stop … In the end, he comes during a year when his stepmother allowed to inherit $ 10 million in his will s’ He puts an end to all his crap. Monty (Rodney Dangefield) will arrive, and will not fail to resume after. When you have the vice pegged to the body, you do not get rid of it.
While he loses steadily, Gerry does not stop. In any case, he describes himself as an eternal loser, he accepted his fate. Except he owes money to almost everyone and it takes ultimatums in all directions . Saved by Curtis, a young poker player, handsome, talented and lucky (Ryan Reynolds), he undertakes a mission “collection of express pognon”. Anecdote on Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn): The guy bets even on the fact that a guy coming out of the toilet carries or not sunglasses. He just likes to bet, in fact, more than win.
Very good billiard player, Eddie (Paul Newman) walks with a buddy, Charlie, and looks for where to get some thunes. Or how. Answer: by confronting a legendary player named Fats. Confident, Eddie announces he will earn $ 10,000 in one night. Too proud, it causes Fats, continues to play, accumulates $ 18,000 and loses … There followed other subplots with a girl who loves him, a guy that just tickle and offers him $ 3,000 in exchange Of 25% of his earnings. Which leads her to replay against Fats. A vicious circle ? It depends, just needs to know how to go at the right time.
Jay (Richard Dreyfuss) gets muddled by his wife. He must stop his bullshit and start a normal life again, especially their marriage that goes as a lollipop. He resigned himself to it, while learning an info of egg by his friend Looney. He also taxi, he recorded a conversation about a horse race where two guys say which horse will win for sure. Jay agrees one more day, bet, win, reparie, returns … all day without stopping, betting all his earnings every time . His wife realizes it, comes, vexes and leaves. He continues, to play and win. It is his lucky day. Given the happy ending , he could get by better!
One can lead a good life and fuck all alone in the shit, altogether. Axel is an English teacher at Harvard, an acclaimed author, a gifted husband … and a compulsive gambler. He hides it from all his in-laws, of course, but when his bookmaker Hips threatens him and claims the $ 44,000 that Axel (James Caan) owes him, he confides in his wife Billie and then finds the money with her mother. Problem fixed ? No, it would be too simple. Axel part in Vegas, with Billie, and loses with crappy paris about basketball . To recover, he will have to bribe a player from his high school, so he misses points … In short, from betting funny bets in paris, he refuses to stop. Who has a friend with the vice of betting in blood?