Do not panic when you do not know his name at the end of the movie, it’s normal

Cinema 9 January, 2017

You just spent two hours in front of the screen, you debrief tranquillou and you want to talk about a character … But how broken is his name? In fact, his name is never given.

We all know this unpleasant situation. All of a sudden, you realize that you have no idea, no memory, of the name of the person you are talking about. You stress, you block, you insist, you guilt … You say that it is abused to have zapped, that there is necessarily a time when his name is given. Most of the time, yes, you have a goldfish memory. Except in these cases, where the characters of films have no name. We will give the name of the actor, to know who we are talking about!
Ryan Gosling in “Drive”
Go ahead, I’ll let you look to see. There’s bound to be a moment when his garage owner or the little blonde calls him by his name anyway … Well no. The only way that Ryan Gosling is nominated is “The driver” .
Clint Eastwood in “And for a few dollars more”
The handsome kid and heartless cowboy that marked us all. You still see the photos of Clint jeunot, and you think he had to pack the rogue without problem. There’s just a kind of nickname, Monco, but we know that this is not his real blaze and we will never know . Clint Eastwood in And for a few dollars more
Edward Norton in “Fight Club”
In the end, you only hear the name of his double evil, interpreted by Brad Pitt, Tyler Durden. As for the employee died of boredom that tells his life, as it is the narrator, we pay less attention to the fact of not knowing its name . And if you remember well, you will see that no other person calls him by any name.
The jurors in “Twelve angry men”
Another classic, Sidney Lumet in this case, who enjoys not to reveal the names of the protagonists. Until the denouement, jurors will be called only by their number . Only two of them will see their name revealed at the end, which leaves ten characters without names. Still.
Marylin Monroe in “Seven Years of Reflection”
The film that made her a planetary and eternal star. The proof, the scene is still spoken, with her skirt that rises under the effect of wind coming out of a subway entrance . Without seeing the film, you see the picture. And Marylin is none other than “The Girl”, no specific name.
Viggo Mortensen in “The Road”
Let us return to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. The idea came from the novelist Cormac McCarthy, author of the book that was cardboard and then adapted into film by John Hillcoat. The explanation? Nameless characters allowed to make the world history, accessible to all . Viggo Mortensen is simply called “The Man”. And the other actors also have names like “Woman”, “Old Man”, “Boy” …).
Daniel Craig in “The layer cake”
It was in 2004, and the Englishman was playing an unnamed cocketed dealer. Moreover, the credits, appeared next to his name this: “XXXX” . And two years later he became James Bond in Casino Royale. Since then, Daniel Craig has been transformed into James Bond. That is the limit of what people call it today. What a life. Were you stuck at the end of one of these movies to find the name of the character?