We bet that these actors have forgotten these films that give them shame

Cinema 28 April, 2017

We know what it is, we must start, pay the rent, put a foot in the business. But still, we have to talk about these films.
Their buddies still have to type bars, seen the file! Film null, ridiculous role, haircut or held not swagg at all … A thousand and one reasons to mock and chamber these actors become then real stars.
Hugh Jackman in “Oklahoma”
Adapted from the musical of the same name, this film was the first appearance on the big screen of the Australian BG. Finally, big screen … It was a telefilm, so no phew. Describes, in addition, as “a dance and singing extravagance”. Hard. Since he has re-edited the trick, the better, in Les misérables, we know that he likes to sing and dance, with class. But there, in Oklahoma, the realization, the screenplay, a little bit of messing up. Appearance: a shit for his record.
Jennifer Aniston in “Leprechaun”
Who would have imagined it in a horror film? Low budget? And, in addition, survive (her character eh, not her)? Well she did all that! The beautiful Rachel of Friends did not escape, at its beginning of hard labor. But good, apart from the cheap side, the film is not so disgusting then you can laugh at it with respect, anyway.
Sylvester Stallone in “The party at kitty and studs”
Perhaps the hottest of the list. And for good reason, since Sly has shot in an adult film! Some say erotic, rather than porn, well admit. In any case, the actor played without too much clothes and the children did not have to see this film . Excuse the future Rocky: the urgent need for thune because he could not even afford to eat. Ok, we admit, in this case, balek. And beautiful recovery after.
Emma Stone in “Superbad”
Unpretentious comedy, intended to make you spend 1:30 to laugh, or at least without thinking, this film has not too badly walked. He even launched the careers of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. And that of another actress, then unknown or almost … Emma Stone. Which went on with other comedies, before taking the braid. For us, it was not so dishonorable but it was the star herself who said it in interviews : “This role was the most embarrassing.” Well, we put you on the list so you’ve looked for it.
Robert Downey Jr in “The Shaggy Dog”
Known for his roles in Iron Man and Avengers, as well as the cult Thunder in the tropics, the son of also began with roles not folichons. And yeah! Afterwards , the role was not very original since he interpreted a diabolical physician shaken and dangerous . While it is a Disney of the years 2000. The Americans really like to fuck scientists perched everywhere … In short, Robert Downey Jr plays a bastard who transforms Tim Allen into a dog. And makes grimaces and sarcastic remarks. That, to the limit, it was interesting because it indicated the potential of the man.
Kevin Bacon in “Animal House”
A role of relou he managed rather well say so! An unbearable slap head that everyone wanted to martyr and calm down, really . And more insults collected than Dollars on the bank account, of course. It’s the game. After that, Kevin Bacon had to continue his server taf, before he really broke with “Friday 13”. Then “Apollo 13” (a little kiff on the number 13?) And so on. Inevitably, “Animal House” would do task on a CV, we imagine it would disappear, for lack of place eh. Have you seen one or not? And if not, which one you want to watch out for?