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Logan: The most profitable Wolverine film of the franchise?

Was Logan the Wolverine movie that brought in the most money from the franchise? The first figures answer this question.
By agreeing to pass Logan ...

3 April, 2017
Logan: What really happened in Westchester?

There's a lot of talk about the Westchester incident in Logan, and we quickly realize it's tied to the situation of our hero. But what really ...

22 March, 2017
Logan: Hugh Jackman would have liked a different ending

Hugh Jackman lived his last adventure in the skin of Wolverine in Logan. Was he in agreement with the end of the film?
CAUTION - If you have not ...

16 March, 2017
Logan: Who to replace Hugh Jackman? The actor answers

But who could replace Hugh Jackman in the role of Logan? The actor thinks he has an idea of ​​the ideal candidate ...
It's official for several ...

9 March, 2017
Logan: The X-Men were to appear in the movie

The X-Men are missing subscribers in Logan. However, according to the director of the film, they almost showed up in a scene ... tragic, obviously. ...

8 March, 2017
Logan: X-23, the future Wolverine?

For Wolverine version Hugh Jackman, superhero career, it's over. But X-23, aka Laura, that we discover today in Logan, could she take over?
Until ...

2 March, 2017
Logan: A post-generic scene to foresee?

Like Marvel movies, X-Men films now all have a post-generic scene. But what about Logan, the latest film by Hugh Jackman in Wolverine?
Will there be ...

1 March, 2017
Logan: What connections to other X-Men movies?

While Logan may be in his own time line, he does refer to other X-Men films. So what are his most important connections with them?
True, the last ...

1 March, 2017
Logan: What happened to the other mutants?

In Logan, released today on our screens, X-Men and mutants in general seem to have disappeared. But what could have happened to them?
And here it ...

1 March, 2017
Logan: A final clap of the most intense, our critic!

It is today that Logan leaves in the dark rooms and one can tell you that for the last of the mutant, they really gave everything. Check out our ...

1 March, 2017
Logan: The last X-Men movie for Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier)!

Sad news ! After Hugh Jackman, it's Patrick Stewart's turn to bid farewell to the X-Men franchise. Logan will mark his last appearance in the guise ...

25 February, 2017
The Avengers 3 Infinity War: Hugh Jackman wanted Wolverine to join the team

Logan will be the last film by Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. However, the actor would have liked to continue the adventure, if his character ...

25 February, 2017
Logan: Patrick Stewart teases a Charles Xavier “violent and out of control”

Charles Xavier appears fragile and exhausted in Logan. Yet the character has obviously changed a lot, to the point that, according to Patrick ...

18 February, 2017
Wolverine 3: A new image with a threatening Logan

Logan reveals himmutant shows his threatening look ...self a little more through a new image in which the
In the next adventures of the mutant ...

27 January, 2017
Deadpool 2: Will important members of the X-Men be present?

It was not until 2018 that Wade Wilson returned to the big screen. Meanwhile the assumptions are going well on the casting component this much ...

25 January, 2017
Wolverine 3: The official plot is finally known!

You wait for it, here it is: the official summary of the plot of Wolverine 3 is finally official!
Logan's next adventure will mark a major turning ...

14 January, 2017
Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman confides in his latest film as Logan

Wolverine 3 will normally be the last film in which Hugh Jacman will interpret Logan. The actor returned to this role.

There are now 17 out the ...

10 January, 2017