Logan: A post-generic scene to foresee?

Cinema 1 March, 2017

Like Marvel movies, X-Men films now all have a post-generic scene. But what about Logan, the latest film by Hugh Jackman in Wolverine?
Will there be a post-generic scene at the end of Logan ? This is the question that everyone has been asking themselves lately. After all, there have always been X-Men: The Final Clash and even at the end of Deadpool , we had the right to a small teaser as funny as the superhero with the tongue hung. But Logan is also the latest film by Hugh Jackman in the skin of Wolverine and, in essence, the last film with Wolverine. So we have a right to ask ourselves if they will tease anything even afterwards, even if it is not linked to the mutant with steel claws. And above all, what? The New Mutants , the spin-off derived from the X-Men? Deadpool 2 , With the super-hero Domingo at the casting ? Or just the whole new X-Men trilogy we were teased without really telling us anything? The projections reserved for the press were not allowed, but it is rather common in these cases. And a few days ago, Collider firmly assured that James Mangold’s film would have a scene during or after the closing credits , which would last three minutes.
But that was before the director James Mangold came to deny the rumor . Responding directly to Internet users who were asking him the question, he first asserted that “no, there will be no post-generic scene” at the end of Logan . Then he added in another message: “If you see scrolling the names of the team that helped make this film is not worth it, you better not stay to the end . That is all we can do! No, definitely, we will not have extra minutes to bid farewell to Wolverine. Finally, we do not lose hope anyway, because Hugh Jackman recently confessed to himself, if one day a crossover is planned between the Avengers and the X-Men, He is ready to embody Wolverine again if he teams up with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Company . There is only hope that this will happen in a few years!