The Avengers 3 Infinity War: Hugh Jackman wanted Wolverine to join the team

Cinema 25 February, 2017

Logan will be the last film by Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. However, the actor would have liked to continue the adventure, if his character had joined the Avengers!
Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, Wolverine and Hugh Jackman. It is obvious, the mutant with the long claws was THE role that was made for the actor. But, as you know, the great adventure of Hugh Jackman as Logan ends with the third installment of Wolverine . Yes, it is frankly sad, at melty we admit that we still do not recover. Above all, let us admit, we had let ourselves be tempted by the idea of ​​a collaboration between Wolverine and the Avengers. Imagine our favorite mutant joining the superhero team : it would still have sent heavy, right? Unfortunately, the project is not contemplated by Kevin Feige. Indeed, The boss of Marvel Studios recently explained that a crossover with the X-Men universe, detained by the Fox, was not planned on the program. So sad .
And yet, the idea apparently did not displease Hugh Jackman! Interviewed by the website Anglo-Saxon ScreenRant , Australian actor told he would gets off continue to embody Wolverine if he teamed with Captain, or Iron Man (expected more mature in The Avengers Infinity War 3 ) . “If it had been laid down on the table when I made my decision, I would definitely have stopped a moment on it, because I always liked this idea of ​​him (Wolverine) within This dynamic, with Hulk of course, Iron Man, but there are a lot of intelligent people, business experts, who can not envisage it. You never know , ” said Hugh Jackman.