Logan: Patrick Stewart teases a Charles Xavier “violent and out of control”

Cinema 18 February, 2017

Charles Xavier appears fragile and exhausted in Logan. Yet the character has obviously changed a lot, to the point that, according to Patrick Stewart, he would have become violent!
Do not take the characters of Logan lightly! Whether on the side of the villains or on the side of our superheroes, we obviously do not hesitate to decide (literally) in the heart of the matter. It’s enough to see Logan’s ultimate trailer, in which X-23 is unleashed like a fury, to realize it. But if seeing Wolverine tear the villain with his claws in adamantium is nothing new – the mutant has always been an enervated sort – we still thought we could count on Charles Xavier to channel it. Except that in fact, the meltynauts, it seems that the creator of the X-Men also comes to fart easily a cable in the film ! At a press conference organized around Logan , Patrick Stewart confided in his character and what was different about him compared to other X-Men movies . He said, ” What was different for me this time? Almost everything .” And if the actor usually has the impression of putting on an old comfortable shirt when he takes over the role of Charles Xavier, this time he is out of his comfort zone.
Patrick Stewart says: ” In a sense, it’s not hard for me [to take back the role] because Charles Xavier is part of me.” That’s what happens when you repeat a role long enough. But it was with this film that there was an extra work to do because I could not say to myself: ‘I just have to go to the Turning set and becoming Charles’, because no one has yet seen this Charles there . “. And so, our peaceful and wise Charles has obviously left the place to a darker character , to stick well with the atmosphere of the film. But how did the founder of the X-Men change? Well,
Patrick Stewart uses indeed words to describe his role, speaking of a Charles ” violent, who is angry, out of control and very dangerous .” Dangerous, Charles Xavier has always been, if only because he is one of the most powerful mutants that exist. On the other hand, ” out of control ” is immediately more disturbing! And this new aggressiveness should not only be found in his way of behaving but also in his way of speaking. So much so that we will no longer recognize the character? What is certain is that Charles may not be in a position to calm a Wolverine ready to get excited immediately, as seen in the recent TV spots of Logan , How he had become accustomed to it! What do you expect from the character of Charles Xavier?