Logan: The X-Men were to appear in the movie

Cinema 8 March, 2017

The X-Men are missing subscribers in Logan. However, according to the director of the film, they almost showed up in a scene … tragic, obviously. Warning, spoilers!
There’s nothing more depressing than seeing one of our favorite characters as a fallen hero. And in terms of fallen heroes, Logan, who came out on our screens last week , knows what he’s talking about! Charles Xavier as Wolverine are clearly at the end of the scroll, especially as they have to live with their remorse related to the disappearance of the X-Men. Because yes, no member of the superhero group seems to have survived, which also explains why Logan finds himself alone to take care of Professor X. Those who have seen the film now know why the companions of the two men have disappeared – those Who did not see Logan on the other hand had better prepare for some spoilers . Everything has to do with an incident taking place in Westchester, The place where Charles Xavier established his school for gifted / mutant youth, which visibly led to the death of several people – including our dear X-Men. This incident, we hear about it throughout the film, but what you did not know, the meltynauts, is that And yes, we could have been surprised to see the X-Men make the soul at the beginning of Logan . Nice, is not it? Especially that such a scene would have revealed a lot of things from the very first of the film. So why did James Mangold finally choose not to shoot the famous sequence of the Westchester incident? In an interview for ComingSoon, the director explained: ” Yes, I wrote this scene, and there was a moment when it was not at the beginning of the film. , It became the central subject of the film … All of a sudden, the death of the X-Men became the subject of the film, rather than allowing it to reveal itself through several layers and pushing you to enter the film History by asking you: ‘ Where are we going ? . It was really enormous and I felt that it was still too much to the formula that characterizes this kind of film, with an enormous opening that immediately establishes the rest of mythology. I said to myself: ‘What if we were to make an opening scene that rests first on the character? And who minimizes all this? ‘ “.
As for the rest of the film, James Mangold chose to detach himself from the clichés of the superhero film genre to better surprise by making it debut with a scene quite melancholic and very intimate . History, certainly, better plunge us into depression, that of Wolverine and that of Charles Xavier. Finally, Logan, who nevertheless establishes some connections with the X-Men films , has ignored the appearance of the group of superheroes. And we do not finally complain, our mutant claws of adamantium and little Laura ensuring very well the show between them! Would you like to see this scene in the movie?