Logan: A final clap of the most intense, our critic!

Cinema 1 March, 2017

It is today that Logan leaves in the dark rooms and one can tell you that for the last of the mutant, they really gave everything. Check out our review.
That’s it, we’re the meltynauts. Logan is released in theaters, marking the end of an era started in 2000: that of Hugh Jackman in the skin of the mutant with the claws of steel. The actor had warned us, it was the last time he slipped into the skin of Wolverine. And it is in apotheosis that he says goodbye. For this der, the studios of the 20th Century Fox gave everything, finally offering us the Wolverine that all the fans expected. Rated R-Rated, Logan is the most violent version of the mutant we’ve ever seen . The victims are no longer counted, nor are the liters of blood. Sensitive souls, abstain, this last shutter clearly does not in the lace. Of the gore, you want it here, but at the same time, This is what one loves in Wolverine: when he does not hold himself any longer, and pierces with his claws all those who seek his noises. After all, he really has nothing to lose. At the time of the plot, in 2029, the mutants almost disappeared. Professor Charles Xavier is ill, and Wolverine’s health is deteriorating. Until a little girl with similar powers makes her regain her salvation.
Let’s talk about this little girl, alias X-23. A real fury , which promises a beautiful relief to the character! Mute during a good part of the film, while being wild and filled with good attentions, the actress Dafne Keen delivers here an incredible first performance. As for the relationship she is developing with Logan, she is both very hilarious and very touching. Because yes, in addition to being violent and offering incredible action scenes, Logan also offers us the most upsetting version of the mutant steel claw . Old, sick, alcoholic, violent, but also on the verge of skin, it is discovered more fragile than it looks, whether physically or sentimentally. And his duet with Professor Charles Xavier is a very moving complicity. Moreover, Patrick Stewart, for whom it is also the last film X-Men , is unrecognizable. The formerly serious professor gives way here to a sort of malicious grandfather who will not fail to make you laugh, but who will not fail to make you shed your little tear.
And Hugh Jackman. The great Hugh Jackman. We already knew him to be a good actor, but in Logan , we feel that he has sought to give the best of himself. Nostalgic, dark, touching, fragile, it offers here one of its finest benefits . As if to say goodbye to Wolverine was also to say goodbye to a whole part of his life. There is only one drawback in this: the bad guy, played by Boyd Holdbrook, which we did not find very convincing. It was clearly made more terrifying, more agonizing or more exacerbating. Finally, it does not affect the rest of the film and Logan remains a very good homage to the character. One thing is certain, he will miss us.